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Castle’s New Pocket Sound Meter/Dosemeter

Castle Group Ltd of Scarborough has launched yet another truly pocket-sized product; the GA113 Combined Integrating Sound Level Meter and Dosemeter in one. This new ‘pocket meter’ is the latest in a string of successful product launches for Castle and brings all the functionality of an averaging sound meter and a personal dosemeter into one product.

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This new instrument is designed with Industrial Safety Professionals in mind, and is so straightforward to use, that taking measurements for Noise at work risk assessments is no longer a chore. The simple operating system ensures ease of use and repeatability of measurements. Being housed in a tough, crack resistant plastic case, this pocket-sized meter will stand up to almost any industrial environment.

Rob Hawksworth, development manager for Castle said of the GA113, ‘We had a brief to develop a product that otherwise doesn’t seem to exist; a class 1 combined sound meter and dosemeter, which is really simple to use and is set at a market-beating price. I am pretty pleased with what we managed to achieve!’

The GA113 is a Class 1 instrument and will simultaneously measure for daily exposure and C-peak, which is just about all you need for any noise at work risk assessment; it will even calculate a daily exposure based on an exposure time. Then by simply unplugging the microphone and plugging in a dosemeter cable, the meter becomes a personal exposure meter (Dosemeter).

Castle Group are specialists in technical health and safety and environmental monitoring and offer professional training courses, rental of their products, service and calibration and measurement and assessment consultancy.

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