An All New Form of Personal Protection!

Shhh – it’s the NEW dBAlert!

NEW dBAlert from Castle Group

Technical safety and environment specialists, Castle Group have launched a new version of their popular dBAlert Personally worn noise activated warning device to aid compliance with the noise at work regulations. dBAlert is a personally worn device that ‘Alerts’ the wearer when noise levels become dangerous and that hearing protection must be used. It also notifies the user when it is safe to remove their ear defenders. With bulk pricing, you simply can’t afford for your employees not to wear one!

Be as quiet as a ratAccording to the Control of noise at Work Regulations 2005, areas subject to hazardous noise must be clearly defined, and workers notified of the danger. In many industrial settings, the noise hazard will vary throughout the premises and employees are often mobile. This is where the Castle dBAlert personal noise activated warning unit comes into play.

dBAlert activates only when the noise exceeds a user-defined, pre-set level. On triggering, a bright warning LED flashes to catch the wearer’s attention through their peripheral vision. The device also emits a ‘mobile phone’ style, pulsed vibration for the first 15 seconds of the device being triggered, giving a clear warning to exposed workers that ear-defenders must be worn.

dBAlert is a self-contained unit, housing it’s electronics in a tough case, and is easily set-up to company specific levels meaning it will be ready for action within moments of leaving the box.

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