August 2011 New Product Update

Since launching the Castle Safety Shop we have strived to find the best level meters and monitoring equipment to help you ensure a continued healthy and safe work environment.

To ensure continued calibration for the air sampling equipment we have added a Bubble Film Flowmeter and Float Rotameter. These can be used to ensure your air sampling is accurate.

Our new visual inspection category has started with a USB Endoscope, an ideal solution for looking into those small and hard to see areas. With its direct PC or laptop connection, bright LED lighting and instant video images you can now see into the darkest recesses of machinery.

Electrical appliance testing has become easier. Along with the portable appliance checkers we can now supply microwave leakage checkers. Many companies now have staff rooms with a microwave oven and, along with plug and socket checking, testing any potentially dangerous microwave leakage can now be performed with our affordable Microwave Leakage Detector.

A new pocket light meter has now been added. This cheap and small light meter is ideal for basic environmental monitoring and health and safety checks in the workplace. The pocket light meter features a silicon photo diode sensor and measures up to 40,000 Lux and is small enough to live up to its name.

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