Beat the Tax-man with Long-Term Rental

Castle Rent Launches New Long Term Rental Service

Beat the Tax-man with Long-Term RentalCastleRent, part of Castle Group Ltd, is launching a new service for people who want to avoid the burdens associated with capital equipment purchase. This scheme allows companies to keep equipment on-site as if they owned it, but with none of the hassles that ownership brings.

Whilst short-term rental is available through, the long term rental service offers significant cost savings and includes calibration, maintenance, warranty and replacement equipment, so you always have the latest technology to hand. The real benefit, however is that no capital expenditure is involved so no lengthy procurement procedures and no need to put it on the asset register!

For contracts, the scheme also offers huge advantages as there is no gradual write-down of the capital value, so all of the payments can be written off against the profits for the project, reducing the tax-bill as a result. This can also be of benefit to businesses wanting to save on capital write-off.

The agreements are usually for a minimum of 12 months, where a monthly payment is made in return for the use of the equipment. This price includes calibration at the recommended interval for that product as well as repairs and maintenance where required. After 2 years, the equipment is replaced for the latest available equivalent.

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