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Castle Rent Launches New Rental on-line Service

Hire noise meters and more from CastleRentCastleRent, which is owned by Castle Group Ltd, has launched its all-new on-line equipment hire service. Dedicated to test and measurement instrumentation, this new website offers a wide range of products from numerous manufacturers and covering subjects from airflow to weighing scales and anemometers to vibration meters.

Simon Bull, managing director of Castle Group said, “Rental is more and more of a desired option these days with capital budgets being squeezed from all directions in the face of work that still needs to be done! We are delighted with the response to our new site and are pleased that we can offer such an extended range of equipment. People who hire equipment from us tend to come back time and time again, so there must be something in it!”

Renting equipment for a short duration has clear advantages in cost saving, flexibility and maintenance, but there are also advantages to be had in long term rental schemes with no calibration and maintenance charges, no liability for the ownership of capital equipment and a tax advantage in writing off all of a rental as opposed to only a proportion of a capital purchase value.

On-line you will also find details of time-based discounts, free seminars, purchase options and an ease of use guide for each product. You can also use CastleRent for a ‘try before you buy’ option which allows you to get your rental back if you go on to purchase the equipment afterwards.

For more information about CastleRent, telephone 01723 584250 or visit

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