Why do I need to calibrate my measurement equipment?

All electronic measuring equipment can “drift” over time, whether that be electronic scales, thermometers or noise meters just to name a few – but the reason you should calibrate your meter can vary depending on the type of equipment and the application it’s used in.

Why Should I Calibrate my Meter?

Ensuring your meters are checked against a known source and having appropriate certification gives you confidence that your measurements are accurate. This is particularly important when the measurements you’re taking are to comply with a set of standards or regulations, as measurements taken on non-calibrated equipment can provide drastically incorrect readings and lull you into a false sense of security.

Should I Calibrate my Noise Meter?

In noise monitoring, for example, a measurement reading of only 3 dB out may not sound a lot, but 3 dB higher than the actual level is actually double the noise level (Sound Pressure Level – this is because the decibel scale (dB) is logarithmic)!

Should I Calibrate my Thermometer?

Temperature measurement is a hugely important activity where the accuracy and reliability of your results can have drastic effects. An example of some of these applications are:

  • in hygiene compliance of food temperature
  • occupational exposure to heat and heat-stress
  • quality control and manufacturing processes.

Should I Calibrate my Gas Monitor?

Designed to protect workers against the unseen hazards of gaseous substances within workplace environments, Gas Monitors play a life saving role every day, so guaranteeing the accuracy and reliability of your Gas Monitors is essential.

For the majority of gases, Gas Monitor calibration is a low cost expense with Four-Gas Meters charged at only £67* for traceable calibration certification.

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