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Audiometer Calibration and Servicing

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SKU Brand Name Price Add
GA1001 Castle Group Excalibur PC Based Audiometer £240.00
KLD23 Kamplex Air Tone & Bone Conduction Audiometer £195.00
SM 910 Oscilla Manual Digital Audiometer £160.00
SM 930 Oscilla Screening Digital Audiometer with Data Recall £195.00
USB 300 Oscilla USB Audiometer £195.00
Excalibur Castle Group PC Based Audiometer £195.00
KS 8 Kamplex Manual Analogue Audiometer £160.00
06OTO‐1 Amplivox Otosure Audiometer £195.00
Band Name Price
A1 Single Function Analogue or Digital Audiometer £160.00
A2 Multifunction Analogue or Digital Audiometer £195.00
A3 PC Based Audiometer System £240.00

Traceable Calibration for Audiometers

Audiometric testing equipment should always be calibrated every year (according to United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) document LAB23)

This calibration should also be backed up by a daily functional or ‘biological’ test, which simply means that you should make sure the system is operating as expected. There are devices to help with this or you can simply conduct a part-test on yourself and use your experience to verify that it’s all working correctly.

When you send your audiometer back to Castle for its annual calibration, this will normally be carried out as a UKAS accredited test, unless you specifically ask us not to. This is due to the complex nature of calibrating audiometers and the importance of their function.

Or call and speak to one of our service and calibration engineers who will be happy to help 01723 584250

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