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Calibration, Repair and Reassurance Service


Measurement equipment normally needs calibrating after a determined period to ensure compliance with any relevant standard or piece of legislation.

Calibration normally means that the instrument is checked against a known source and, if required, corrected to measure to that reference.

The Certificate

Once a piece of equipment has ‘passed’ a calibration check, it will be issued with a certificate that states the reference of the sources used, what was tested, and by whom. There may also be some results to tell you exactly what was found.

Calibration Fail?

Should you instrument fail a calibration check, then you will often find that a calibration house will just notify you of this eventuality. You will then have to pay to get it sorted out. At Castle, we like to make sure that this won’t happen and we will talk to you the moment we realise something is wrong. This way we can get the unit repaired or talk to you about the alternatives.


It doesn’t have to measure anything to need repairing and so as long as it’s based on circuit boards, we’ll attempt a repair.
From measurement instrumentation, to office machinery and from control panels to lab equipment, if it’s broken, send it to Castle and one of our highly trained fault-finding engineers will take on the challenge.

If it is measurement equipment that is not performing as it should, then we will assess it completely free of charge and then provide you with a quotation for the repair. If you want we can also calibrate at the same time, although that’s up to you.

Reassurance Service (Equipment Verification)

If you are about to embark on a big project for a client or even if you just have an extensive monitoring programme coming up at work, you might like to know that your measurement equipment is up to the job.

You could send it back for calibration, but if this isn’t due, then is could well be an expense you don’t need right now. This is why at Castle, we have come up with the reassurance service, which is just that; we check the equipment over and hopefully give it a clean bill of health and giving you a renewed sense of confidence.

What you get is the following:

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