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Castle 10 Point Promise

  1. FREE Inspection – no hidden charges!

    We will inspect the equipment, provide you with a quote and if you don’t want to go ahead – we’ll send it back to you completely free of charge!
  2. Fast Turn-around - we understand that you might need this!

    We will endeavor if at all humanly possible, to turn-around your equipment within 7 working days. And if you really still can’t manage without the kit, we have a highly competitive rental service so you don’t have to miss a single day’s monitoring.
  3. Pre-calibration check - we want it to pass if at all possible!

    We don’t just fail instruments like some labs do, we talk to you first!
  4. Repair of simple faults – included in the price, of course

    Anything more than a simple fault and we’ll talk to you and quote you the best price we can.
  5. Equipment Valet - including the case if there is one!

    We do get some equipment that is beyond cleaning – we’ll let you know!
  6. Check of accessories – you don’t want a cable to let you down!

    We will check over whatever accessories you send us to make sure they’re ready for use!
  7. Backup battery checked and replaced if necessary

    Some equipment doesn’t have these or sometimes they are not meant to be replaced!
  8. Replacement primary batteries if it uses them

    We can’t stretch to replacing re-chargeable although we can quote you if you like.
  9. Instrument firmware and software updates if we have them!

    We can sometimes get instrument updates even if it’s not our own equipment. If we can, we’ll include it in the calibration.
  10. Repair service for more major faults – until we can squeeze no more life out of it!

    We will quote you separately for any faults that can’t be simply repaired. If it’s beyond even that, we’ll offer you a part-exchange

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