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At Castle Consultancy we found there are times, when everyone needs the help of an expert! The reason you might need this help could be one of many; you simply don’t have time, you need expertise outside you job-scope or you need specific problems or projects sorting out. We work with many types of professionals.

Call Castle Consultancy now for some FREE advice on 01723 584250 and see how we can help you.

  • Health and Safety Managers and their teams
  • Environmental Managers
  • Environmental Health Departments
  • Occupational Health Professionals
  • Engineering Consultants
  • Occupational Hygienists
  • Maintenance Engineers
  • Plant Managers
  • Process Engineers

At Castle, we approach any situation with the view that we can help you in a way that suits your preferred method of working. Quite simply, if you prefer to manage everything in-house, we will get you set up for this – perhaps you need to buy or rent some equipment; maybe training to get you going, or maybe you’d just prefer us to come in and do some of the work for you. It may well be a combination too!

Our consultants are waiting to be part of the solution and we can help in many ways

  • Risk Assessment monitoring
  • Reports and documentation
  • General Health and Safety Audits
  • Engineering control update or implementation
  • Maintenance monitoring
  • Diagnostic Analysis

We cover many industrial areas with particular specialities in the following areas

Asking for Help is a Strength

Business leaders will be among the first to tell you that they don’t have all the answers and very often it is the most successful entrepreneurs that ask for the most help. That’s probably why they’re the most successful! It is a well-known truth amongst those people that a business asking for help or calling in experts to solve a problem is a business showing great strength.

Health and Safety

Whether you need help with Risk Assessments, setting up a policy, or if you need a full engineering solution to a particular health and safety problem, then we have consultants ready to work with you. Click here to find out how we might be of help.

Environmental Issues

You might be facing the music of a complaint made against you, or you may be trying to set up an environmental monitoring system or policy. Whatever the issues with environmental monitoring you may have, we have someone who can help. Click here to see how this might apply to you.

Manufacturing Plant maintenance and monitoring

Getting it right with the monitoring of manufacturing plant so that you can carry out predictive maintenance can reap huge rewards in productivity improvements, profitability and efficiency. We can certainly help you get this right and potentially save a fortune! The diagnosis of plant failure is another area where huge savings can be made. Click here to find out if you can save some money!

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