Castle Expands Consultancy Services

Castle Customers Benefit from New Services

Our consultants are waiting to be part of the solutionCastle Group Ltd has been busy expanding the services it can offer through its consultancy business. World renowned for the manufacture of Sound and Vibration measurement equipment, the company has also been helping customers with measurement, monitoring and engineering solutions in a variety of areas – in addition to Noise and Vibration!

Castle has now expanded it health and safety monitoring services to include Air Sampling, Light monitoring, Indoor Air Quality, EMF detection and assessment, Noise and Vibration. The company also carries out health surveillance for noise at work regulations, hand arm vibration and COSHH compliance.

For the Outdoor environment, Castle has also been helping customers recently with the latest addition to its capability. These services include ecology surveys, soil analysis, water quality, environmental particulates, noise, vibration and even traffic surveys!

Simon Bull, managing director at Castle Group Ltd said, “These days, more and more companies want a package of services to save them the management headache of employing multiple consultancy firms. Our latest initiative to create a much more diverse portfolio of services is proving to be a really big hit with our customers as we can solve more and more of their problems without them having to constantly find and deal with new firms”.

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