COSHH Compliance – Air Sampling and Gas Detection from Castle

Complete COSHH – Have you tried Gas and Air?!

Castle offer Air Sampling and Gas Detection Solutions

Castle offer Air Sampling and Gas Detection Solutions

The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations 2002 is often seen as being difficult for many companies to tackle in-house, resulting in large fees being paid to external consultants to achieve a status of compliance.  However, it may be much simpler than you thought to initiate a home-grown solution to your COSHH compliance.

Castle Group Ltd provide exceptional training and market leading products, for purchase or rental, which in combination will provide you with the knowledge and tools to protect your employees and comply with the regulations.

A three day COSHH compliance course covering everything from regulations, risk-assessment and control to sampling, detection and analysis, is designed to get delegates up to speed with compliance issues in a down-to-earth manner. From there, Castle can help with any sampling and analysis or they can supply the kit, which can even be rented!

Simon Bull, Managing Director of Castle Group Ltd stated, “With over 35 years experience in successfully dealing with customers’ Noise and Vibration compliance issues and providing just such a package in these areas, it has been quite simple to apply the same process to COSHH. We now have the ability to approach the problem from any angle to suit the employer’s preference. The training course has been a really interesting development and certainly seems to hit the spot!”

With the ability to offer products from SKC, Gastec, Industrial Scientifics, Oldam, Crowcon and BW, Castle can provide a comprehensive product solution along with all the necessary media and service and calibration support.

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