DeConstructing Complexity – dBAir Noise Assessment Solution

DeConstructing Complexity – dBAir Noise Assessment Solution

The varied noise assessment requirements of sound measurement in the construction industry create unique and demanding challenges for a sound level meter. The all new dBAir from Castle Group Ltd has a dedicated model for the construction industry, where the considerations of the user are incorporated with the latest technology and online data-handling to comprehensively fulfil the needs of this demanding application.dBAir Noise Assessment

With different measurement requirements for Environment Impact Assessments, Planning Application Conditions, BS5228 Assessments, Neighbour Noise Complaints and Occupational Noise Assessments, the job of handling all of these is simplified by the Castle dBAir, with dedicated measurement templates and a no-fuss user interface.
Simon Bull, Managing Director of Castle Group Ltd, had this to say, “We’ve carefully created this Construction Noise Assessment System to provide you with everything you’ll ever require to carry out any construction related noise assessment, giving you the peace of mind that your instrumentation is right for the job.”

An important part of the overall system is the ‘Cloud’ based software platform, The Castle Cloud, which takes data automatically from the sound meter via Wi-Fi or from a PC and stores it in a database meaning easy and powerful data handling, global-sharing possibilities and safe and secure data-storage.

Castle Cloud Software
Castle is offering Free Demonstrations on the System which comes with a free Software Licence.

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