COMING SOON – The E-Box Environmental Noise Monitoring System

E-Box - Environmental Noise Monitoring System

Castle’s latest innovation is the E-Box – Environmental Noise Monitoring System. This has made complicated environmental noise monitoring a thing of the past with live data streamed directly to, solar panels and lithium battery options, the E-Box has all the bases covered.

3 Models for a solution that fits

E-Box Lite

This is the perfect solution if you are just after a simple all-in-one system to cover your environmental noise monitoring needs without the added modem. The LITE version is lightweight, durable & long-lasting so is ideal if you need to leave unattended whilst your record your measurements.

E-Box Power

The POWER version of the E-Box is designed with endurance in mind. You are able to customise your power supply and even add Solar Panels for any long-term measurements, so you can rest assured the E-Box gives you the POWER you need to perform!


This is the ultimate solution to environmental noise monitoring. The LIVE comes equipped with a modem that connects directly to our Castle Cloud software allowing you to monitor your results from the comfort of your own desk. Combine this with the custom power supplies of the POWER and you will see why this is the ultimate solution.

Castle’s E-Box brings flexibility and intelligence like never before. Housed in a compact, lightweight and weatherproof casing. The E-Box is easily transported and deployed.

If you would like some advice on which model will suit you, give us a call on 01723 584 250 or email us at

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