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Excieo – ‘Piece of Cake!’

NEW Human Vibration Meter from Castle

The Excieo from Castle Group Ltd of Scarborough is an ALL NEW human vibration meter designed specifically for conducting risk assessments to the new Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005. This all British product is built to make the measurement of hand arm and whole body vibration as simple as possible; So easy, it’s a piece of cake!

Vibration becomes as easy as cakeA novel approach to the user interface of the Excieo meter allows each measurement to be stored with an optional record number, employee name tool reference and location. This means the results can be automatically sorted, searched and interrogated to give daily exposure (A8) values or tool type data. This makes the meter very powerful for risk assessing but very simple to use; Piece of cake!

Already taking the market by storm, this new instrument from Castle is loaded with features and uses the latest in DSP and processor technology to give it plenty of performance enabling it to comfortably meet the new ISO8041 Human Vibration Meter standard. The meter covers both Hand-Arm Risk Measurement (HARM) and Whole Body vibration with the use of the appropriate accelerometer pick-up.

Peter Jones, Health and Safety Manager for North Wales Fire and Rescue Service said, ‘The Excieo is very easy to use and understand and good to control. The storage of data is straight forward and downloading to the PC is fantastic. Once the data is sorted, we can copy the data straight out of the software and into Excel, which suits perfectly the way we prepare our assessments. We have also been delighted with the technical back-up and support from Castle staff.’

Features of this new meter include a full set of frequency filters for multiple applications, instant templates for no-fuss measurements, parallel tri-axial measurement, time histories and a huge memory for vast storage of results. As a kit, the included software allows for reporting and data-management via USB and has a valuable feature allowing simple copy and paste into word processors or spreadsheets.

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