What are Moisture Analysers and why are they used?

A moisture analyser is a weighing balance which has a built in heating chamber in order to dry a product. Before and after weights can be used to provide an accurate moisture reading. They provide accurate and precise determination of the moisture content of samples and they all have small pan sizes which make them ideal for the application of moisture determination.... Read More »

Analytical Balances – What are they and why are the used?

Analytical Balances are electronic balances which have a precision/capacity ratio of 1/500,000 or better and a readability of 0.1mg or better. There is a measuring pan inside a transparent enclosure which has doors. This is so that you can avoid dust collecting and so that any air currents within the room do not affect the balances operation.... Read More »

What are the EMF Risks in your Organisation?

Electromagnetic fields are areas of energy which surround electronic devices. The natural world produces electromagnetic fields, however these field have a low intensity. Health risks can be caused by more intense electromagnetic fields, for example those produced by some forms of technology.... Read More »

What is Ground Vibration?

Ground Vibration can be caused by construction, equipment or blasting, etc. Seismographs can be used to measure and record ground vibration. It is measured in terms of Peak Particle Velocity (PPV) and the units are mm/s. PPV refers to the movement within the ground of molecular particles and not surface movement.... Read More »

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