Hand Arm Vibration Free Webinar

Hand Arm Vibration Free Webinar – Do you really need to measure Vibration magnitude?

Gain an insight into Hand Arm Vibration HAVS from a leading industry expert in this absolutely free Webinar.

Download this Hand Arm Vibration Webinar

Hand Arm Vibration in the workplace as in the Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005 involves many activities and means bringing together health surveillance, maintenance, training, exposure monitoring and vibration reduction. Within this mix somewhere lies the actual measurement of vibration magnitude levels. You can find out the numbers from manufacturers, websites or from similar organisations to you.

Should you measure HAVs levels yourself?

So why would you ever measure the levels yourself? During this short webinar, I will look at what you should consider when deciding on whether you need to measure in house or not.

Download this Hand Arm Vibration Webinar

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