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    Hand Arm Vibration Mangement

    Hand Arm Vibration Management – Free e-Book

    Step by step guide to compliance with The Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005 – download this free e-Book today

    Author: Simon Bull, MD of Castle Group Ltd

    The purpose of this e-Book is to help you understand The Control of Vibration at Work Regulations and how to ensure your business is complying and operating legally. This guide provides a process of reaching compliance in seven simple steps.

    Hand Arm Vibration Management

    7 Steps to Compliance with Vibration Regulations

    Step 1 – Start with Health Surveillance

    Part of the problem with the term HAVS (Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome) is that it uses the word syndrome, which immediately makes this sound like an illness. The first thing to understand when embarking on health surveillance is that we are talking about injury, not disease, so medicalising it actually isn’t very helpful in bringing about more of an understanding in the workforce. It also doesn’t help with getting the health surveillance right in the first place.

    Health Surveillance is a vital tool in managing HAVS, and is a system that can be easily set up. The most crucial element of any health surveillance is to establish a baseline level. This simply means that you must find out as soon as possible after commencement of employment the current condition of someone’s health in relation to had arm vibration. Continued…

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    Step 2 – Discover the Vibration Magnitude of your Tools

    Step 3 – Monitor Your Exposure Times

    Step 4 – Assess Exposure and Risk of Harm

    Step 5 – Managing Risks and Employee Training

    Step 6 – Information, Instruction and Training

    Step 7 – Document Your Findings & Review Assessments

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