Kits for Environmental Noise Monitoring

Meters and kits designed for use in environmental health monitoring, including noise meters, vibration meters, gas detectors and air sampling equipment.

Environmental Health is a wide ranging aspect of health and safety, covering natural and man-made environments that can have a serious affect on health. The importance of environmental health has meant a need to monitor numerous factors including, but not limited to, air pollution, food safety, noise pollution and occupational health and hygiene.

The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (CoSHH) Regulations cover chemicals and other substances that put people’s health at risk. Employers are required to understand the dangers that chemicals can have on employees and provide ways to monitor chemical and substance levels and provide safe protection.

Working closely with the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) in the UK we aim to educate and promote environmental health. The CIEH Professional Trainer Certificate course is designed to teach people to train others.

We also provide a wide range of instruments and level meters designed to cover different aspects of environmental health. Including noise meters, warning signs and recording devices to cover noise pollution and monitor noise levels; air sampling systems and gas detectors to monitor air quality and help protect employees from hazardous substances; and a range of light meters, thermometers and hygrometers.

Noise Recording Systems

Record noisy neighbour issues with the noise logNoise meters and noise recording equipment for applications where a recording of noise needs to be made in order to follow a noise complaint or where examples of noise are required (eg. a court case).

KV005 Noisy Neighbour Kit is a full Pro-DX Vocis noise meter system including the GA131E (with Ln parameters), a digital tape recorder to record noise (recordings are triggered at a set noise level), a lockable weatherproof case with long-term mains operation, tripod, dBdataPro Noise Analysis software and all cables and accessories. Also available from CastleRent
NK030 Noise Log Recording System is a self-contained unit with noise meter and memory to record noise onto in its own case. The system comes with microphone, cables, noise analysis software and calibrator.

Noise Monitoring Systems

Long term noise monitoring kits for Environmental NoiseNoise meters for measuring noise levels in the workplace or the environment. SONUS Pocket Noise Meter kits designed for spot checks and small businesses and Vocis kits with octave and third octave bands plus environmental measurement parameters such as Ln.

NK007 Weatherproof Environmental Noise Meter System has a choice of SONUS GA116L or GA116E data logging meters with environmental parameters in a compact weatherproof case.
NK001 Environmental Noise Meter System has a choice of SONUS GA116L Class 1 or GA216L Class 2 data logging meter with environmental parameters, calibrator and noise software in a case.
NK002 Class 1 Environmental System contains the choice of Class 1 GA6224 or Class 2 GA6226 data logging meter with environmental parameters plus calibrator and noise analysis software in a case.
KV003 Class 1 Environmental Data-Logging System features the powerful SVAN Noise Meter, a noise meter designed for environmental measurements and long term data logging, with calibrator, noise software and case.
KV004 Long Term Weatherproof System is similar to the VK003 kit with a powerful SVAN Noise Meter, calibrator and software but also comes in a weatherproof case with tripod and weatherproof microphone housing.
KV007 Real Time 1/3 Octave Vocis System with short term or long term weatherproof microphone options also has the SVAN Noise Meter, weatherproof case, calibrator, tripod, microphone housing and noise analysis software.

Environmental Vibration

VK028 Environmental Vibration System with the Excieo GA2005M Vibration Meter and accelerometer ideally suited for environmental vibration measurements. The kit also contains a ground block and vibration analysis software which is all housed in the weatherproof case for outdoor and long-term monitoring.

Warning Signs and Entertainment Noise Control

GA902 Noise Warning SignFor entertainment venues noise pollution is always best avoided. Complaints from local residents or excessive noise levels can lead to a loss of entertainment license.

GA904 Electronic Orange is a device designed to work within the PA system of any bar, pub or club. Working simply by cutting off the power to the speakers when pre-set noise levels are exceeded.
GA902 Warning Sign with a Music Too Loud sign can also be used to warn entertainment venues of excessive noise levels. The sign works simply by lighting up whenever noise gets too loud.

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