How much will it cost to have my equipment calibrated?

What is the cost to have my equipment calibrated?

Castle Group Ltd are one of the few calibration laboratories which actually publish their pricing for calibration and servicing. Castle believe that this transparent approach to the market builds trust and loyalty with their customers.

How are the calibration prices set?

Castle Group produces a price list for instrument calibration. Each instrument falls in a particular pricing band which is scaled depending on the functions of each meter.

Sound complicated? You don’t need to worry. You can now simply search for your equipment on our dedicated calibration website and it will tell you exactly what the cost is and exactly what you get for your money. Try it now at

Build a quote online in seconds

Search for your equipment at, add your details and you can publish your own unique quote online in seconds. Alternatively, contact us directly and you can speak to a service engineer who can discuss the whole process with you as well as answer any questions you may have.

Build your quote in seconds

Each sound meter, vibration and calibrator will be charged separately. These prices only cover service and calibration. For instrument repairs an extra charge may need to be levied for replacement parts and extra work.

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