Industrial Deafness Watch: A Premium Source for Noise Information

Industrial Deafness Watch is one of the most comprehensive sources online for information on noise in the workplace. Covering information ranging from hearing damage prevention, real-life stories, workers rights, and advice for employers, Industrial Deafness Watch strives to give worker and employers in the United Kingdom all the information they need when it comes to keeping safe in the workplace and dealing with the effects of industrial deafness.

Guide for Workers

In the “Guide for Workers” section, Industrial Deafness Watch provides workers and former workers with the information they need to fully understand the dangers of noise at work and properly protect themselves from those dangers, while also learning about how to treat hearing damage that they might already be suffering from.

Some of the topics discussed are:

  • Industrial deafness symptoms
  • Learning if you are at risk of hearing loss
  • How to prevent industrial deafness
  • Tools and machinery that can cause industrial deafness
  • Claiming benefits for industrial deafness

Advice for Employers

In the “Advice for Employers” section, Industrial Deafness Watch discusses the various topics that employers might worry about. When you are an employer in an industry that is notorious for creating loud noise, it can be difficult to get a complete handle on everything you must do to ensure you workers are safe from the dangers of high levels of noise and also to ensure that you are fully protecting yourself in the event that you are pursued in a compensation claim.

Some of the topics discussed pertaining to employers are:

  • Reducing noise at your workplace
  • Advice on purchasing tools and machinery
  • Keeping your workers informed
  • How do I determine if I have a noise problem?
  • Employers’ Legal Duties

Industrial Deafness Watch is committed to providing workers and employers throughout the United Kingdom with the most up-to-date and the most comprehensive information regarding noise in the workplace. With a goal of keeping all workers in the U.K. free from the dangers and detriments of hearing loss, Industrial Deafness Watch has made a point to provide the best and most meaningful information regarding this topic found anywhere online.

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