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Monitoring Employee Safety – Free Seminar

Free Half Day Seminar

Monitoring Employee Safety in a Modern World

When? 4th December 2018, 1:15pm Р4:15pm

Where? Premier Inn Manchester Airport South

The world we live in is constantly changing and technology is a driving factor of that change. From the utilisation of fire over 250,000 years ago, to the more recent development of blockchain technology and the influence it’s starting to have on the world. Keeping up can be difficult, but one area where we don’t want to fall behind in is in the ways that we protect our employees whilst they’re at work.

Half Day Seminar Covering Monitoring Employee Safety In A Modern World

Who Should Attend?

Attending this free seminar would be of particular value to anyone who has responsibilities over employee health, safety and well-being, and in particular anyone who either works or is responsible for employees working within hazardous atmospheres, i.e. anywhere a traditional gas detector is used.

During this free Seminar we will be covering:

  • Personal Gas Monitoring
  • Gas Monitor Care
  • Confined Spaces Working
  • Lone Working and the Law
  • The Dangers of Lone Working
  • Connected Safety – see events unfolding in real time

What Will You Learn?

Throughout this seminar you’ll learn how the latest technology can help you protect your workforce like never before through a connected approach.

What Will You Get?

  • 1/2 Day Free Training from leading UK Experts
  • Printed Presentation Notes
  • Coffee + Biscuits


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