How Noise Causes Heart Disease

Persistent noise in the workplace more than doubles the risk of heart disease, according to Canadian research. With over half a million people exposed to high noise levels at work, this provides a worrying figure, putting thousands at risk.

How Noise Causes Heart DiseaseSimon Bull, leading expert on Noise at Work compliance said, “We have always known that continual noise exposure presents more health risks than just hearing damage, but the level of the risk was not always clear. Seeing this new research certainly should be cause for concern and employers should ensure that their noise control is working properly!”

5 things employers should know to prevent harm from noise at work

  • How to conduct hearing testing programmes
  • When to carry out noise measurements and how
  • What forms of hearing protection are right for their workplace
  • How to put together a meaningful risk assessment
  • What constitutes effective noise control

Simon Bull is MD of Castle Group Ltd, Safety and Environmental Compliance Company, who run free seminars throughout the country. Simon can provide a confident, informative and entertaining interview.

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