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Noise Control Free Seminar – 25th September

Free Half Day Seminar

Noise Control Free Training

When? 25th September 2019, 13:15pm – 16:15pm

Where? Tankersley Manor Hotel, Tankersley

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You know you have a noise problem – then what?

What’s the aim of the seminar?

The ultimate solution to most noise problems must be some form of control, whether that is limiting exposure, installing noise control equipment or modifying buildings to reduce environmental impact. If you are involved in any of those areas, then this practical, fun and free seminar will open your eyes. We aim to give you a ‘sound’ insight into the various methods of noise control and you get to see them working! In fact, you’ll be doing that bit yourself!

Who should attend?

Anyone who faces noise as an issue as part of their work, will reap the rewards of attending this seminar. Whether you are a Business Owner, Safety professional, Environmental manager, acoustician or anyone who wants to stop the noise, this free half day is for you. This is also especially for you if you like practical, hands-on training where you see it for yourself.

The Tutors

Not only do our tutors have a vast amount of experience delivering seminars like this one, but they also have years of practical knowledge of dealing with the issues of Noise control

Chris Gilbert is the head of a national acoustic consultancy and bring decades of experience of measuring, assessing and controlling for a huge array of noise scenarios. He also lectures on acoustics and has trained thousands of people over the years.

Simon Bull is the Managing Director at Castle Group and as has been involved in instrumentation and measurement of noise for the past 26 years, he is a member of the Institute of Acoustics and is active on their committees.

What Do We Cover?

This is a predominantly practical course, but we will also cover some of the basics of acoustics to ensure you get the most from the practical sessions:

  • Why Control Noise
  • Some Basic Acoustics
  • Introduction to Measurement
  • Quantifying Noise Control Measures
  • Noise Control Methods
  • Noise Source Identification
  • Demonstrating Noise Control in Action

* Please note – maximum of 2 attendees from each company


13:15 – 13:30 – Registration – Meet and greet with coffee, tea and biscuits

13:30 – Noise Control Essentials and Noise Basics

15:00 – Break with coffee, tea and biscuits.

15:15 – Hands-on Noise Control

16:15 – Finish

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The contents of the seminar was excellent, along with the presentation of it. It has certainly made me feel that Castle's assistance is required.

Barry Kitto - DC Norris & Co Ltd

Great stuff. Needed some further information on this as may offer this service to clients.

Mark Kubis - Acoustica

A very informative session that helped fill in some of the gaps in my knowledge and has now pointed me in the direction of further research

John Horbury - Leeds City Council

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