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The is proving a big hit with businesses looking for specialist equipment. Focussing mainly on measurement and monitoring instrumentation, the shop offers everything from Anemometers to Borescopes to Calibration equipment, not to mention the XY& Z of Vibration Meters.

Castle ShopSimon Bull, managing director of Castle Group Ltd, who are behind said, “We have worked really hard to bring a very large offer to the market, albeit in a fairly specialised area. With over 1000 now on the shop, customers can find what they are looking for all in one place. What’s more, this is just the beginning as we have a big programme of new products and services to add to the shop over the next 6 months.”

The concept for the shop from Castle is not just to list a range of products for sale, but to provide help and assistance wherever possible. Most of the products have videos with them to give guidance on the choice of items and there are links to helpful documents. Castle staff are also on-hand with technical telephone support should you need to sort out your Leq from your Lux levels!

The website is broken down into measurement area categories, which are simple to navigate and are sub-divided to keep the choices simple. There is also a smooth checkout system that will take multiple payment methods as well as multiple currencies for international customers – or even people with some euro’s left from their holiday!

Interesting products to be found on the shop include a video borescope with a detachable, Bluetooth screen, a pair of ‘Milan’ high fashion safety glasses and an EMF tester for workplace electromagnetic exposure assessments.

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