Lone Worker Incident Responded to in 90 Seconds

Employer of over 4,600 people worldwide, Glatfelter demonstrate their pro-active approach to Lone Worker protection with the help of Blackline’s Loner system supplied by Castle Group Ltd.

Within the Water Treatment and the Silk Cutting departments of Glatfelter’s Lydney site, Pete Ashworth, their Safety Advisor, noted that worker incidents in these locations had the potential to go unseen for a significant time before assistance could be provided.
Loner M6 Lone Worker Device
Castle Group Ltd were called upon to implement Blackline’s Lone Working System, the Loner, a rugged mobile phone sized device which clips a person’s belt.

Glatfelter assigned the devices to their workers in these locations, so that incidents including falls, no motion activity, emergency alarms and silent alarms are equipped to ensure assistance can be provided as soon as it’s required.
Glatfelter decided to test the functionality of their new system by carrying out a mock scenario of an incident in one of the locations concerned. A fall was staged and efforts were made to mask the mock scenario with torn clothing and fake wounds applied using makeup.

Lone Worker Loner M6  

The Results

  • The Loner signalled for help after 10 seconds, displaying the Fall Alarm and an exact location in the management portal.
  • Within 90 seconds the first responder arrived to provide emergency assistance.

    Pete Ashworth, Safety Advisor of Glatfelter, explains, “Early on there may have been some resistance and some concern that ‘big brother’ was watching, but our team members understand that working alone in the early morning, dark hours or in un-populated areas of the facility makes them vulnerable.”.

The Loner system comprises of:

  • Loner M6 Devices
  • Optional Indoor Location Beacons for indoor areas
  • A dedicated online portal which manages and personalises your devices
  • And even an optional Alarm Receiving Centre with 24/7 operation to manage your portal (optional)

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