The Power of Sound

Two University students have defied their sceptics and have designed a device that uses the power of sound to extinguish fires ... Read More »

Try Before You Buy – Test Drives

Their “Try Before You Buy” scheme allows you to take any piece of equipment at a rental price to trial in your own working environment for a week. If you then go on and decide that this is the right piece of equipment for you, they’ll refund ALL of the rental price you’ve already paid. ... Read More »

3 Day Competency Training Course Dates 2015

Training is an essential part of keeping up to date with legislation. Our 3 day courses offer comprehensive training over a variety of subjects and all offer excellent accommodation and hospitality so you get the best environment for learning.... Read More »

Castle Expands Consultancy Services

Castle has now expanded it health and safety monitoring services to include Air Sampling, Light monitoring, Indoor Air Quality, EMF detection and assessment, Noise and Vibration. The company also carries out health surveillance for noise at work regulations, hand arm vibration and COSHH compliance.... Read More »

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