Casella Microdust Pro - Dust Monitor


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Quick Overview

This is the Microdust Pro Dust Monitor, boasting the highest measurement range of any dust monitor on the market.

Providing real time detection of aerosols, dusts and fumes, this data-logging dust monitor is hugely popular instrument.


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Casella Microdust Pro Dust Monitor
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Brand Casella
Application Dust Sampling
Features Data Logging
Available Outside the UK? Yes

Dust Monitor - Microdust Pro

A real time hand-held, data logging instrument for the detection of airborne dusts, fumes and aerosols.

This is the Microdust Pro Dust Monitor, which boasts the highest measurement range of any dust measurement instrument on the market. Developed with a large internal memory, the Microdust Pro Dust Monitor stores up to 500 of your measurements, all of which can be downloaded into Casella's Insight Data Management Software. The software has been developed for the easy management of data, perfect for data storage, creating reports and data analysis whenever required.

This rugged instrument is simple to use, giving the user additional qualitative data which isn't gained by gravimetric air sampling methods alone. The instrument is extremely versatile and can also be used with a range of accessories for static and size selective sampling applications.

Dust Monitor Key Features

  • Real-time graphical display of dust levels for instant assessments
  • In-Field Calibration
    • Factory calibratied using OSI 12103-01 Fine Dust Test, with each probe supplied with a unique calibration insert. This makes the Microdust Pro Dust Monitor unique in the fact that it can be field calibrated.
  • Simple icon driven user interface for quick and easy dust measurements
  • Unique removable sampling probe
  • Rugged design for harsh environments
  • Multi-language operation
  • Unique on-site calibration insert
  • Environmental enclosure available for boundary monitoring applications

Key Applications

  • Risk assessments for dusts and aerosols
  • Monitoring dust levels within the workplace
  • Industrial process monitoring
  • Testing air filtration efficiency
  • Environmental dust assessments
  • Boundary monitoring for construction and demolition

Technical Specification

Microdust Pro Dust Monitor - Technical Specifications

Measuring Range

0.001 mg/m3 - 250,000 mg/m3

Zero Stability



3 x AA

External Power

12VDC (via -PC18 supply)

Logging Interval

1 sec to 60 minutes


Mini B USB

Instrument Size

172 x 72 x 33 mm (6.8 x 2.8 x 1.3")

Probe Size

35 x 205 mm (1.4 x 8.1")

Tripod Mount

1/4" Whitworth



Operating temp

0 - 55°C

Battery run time

Approx 13 hours


600g including batteries (<22oz)

Analogue output

0 - 2.5V DC FSD

Alarm output

Switched open drain <15V & 500mA DC

Downloads and Datasheets

Microdust Pro Dust Monitor Datasheet

Casella Microdust Pro Dust Monitor


Casella Microdust Pro - Dust Monitor Software

Insight Software

This software enables you to download noise measurements from the CEL600 series sound level meters and the dBadge range of noise dosemeters. when the measurements are once downloaded you can view them in a graphical or tabular format. These then can be allocated to a person, place or process and reports can be generated. As the Insight software works with the CEL620, 630 and dBadge (CEL350) series meters, you will only have to learn one package and only create the database for your entries once.

Instrument Configuration and Download.

Any new measurements will be immediately detected and downloaded when a meter is connected to the computer (typically via the USB port). Alongside downloading measurements, the software will also show the meter's calibration information which can be used to configure the meter's settings.

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