SKC HAZ-DUST IV Personal Dust Monitor


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The HAZ-DUST IV is a personal real-time monitor which is ideally suited to industrial hygiene and environmental air investigations.

It provides real-time breathing zone measurements of dust and aerosol.


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HAZ-DUST IV Personal Dust and Aerosol Monitor

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Brand SKC
Flowrate (ml/min) 1,000
Maximum Flowrate (ml/min) 3,300
Application Dust Sampling
Features Dust, Data Logging
Available Outside the UK? No

SKC HAZ-DUST IV Personal Dust Monitor

The HAZ-DUST IV is a personal real-time monitor which is ideally suited to industrial hygiene and environmental air investigations.

It provides real-time breathing zone measurements of dust and aerosol. Small and Lightweight this unit clips fairly easily to a workers belt whilst the miniature sensor clips to the collar. There is a user adjustable alarm which can be set to warn of threshold limits.

A simple 4 key operation and menu driven instructions displayed on an easy to read LCD display means the HAZ-DUST IV was designed to be easy to use. When using this unit it is as easy as selecting the desired particle type, connecting the appropriate sampling head and adding a filter behind the sensor. It’s ready to begin monitoring as soon as the unit is clipped to the worker and zeroed.

Targeting a specific fraction can be done by selecting one of the HAZ-DUST IV heads to measure inhalable, thoracic or respirable. An in-line 37mm cassette behind the sensor can collect a concurrent filter sample for galvimetric or chemical analysis.

You can then download the data from the HAZ-DUST IV to a PC for further analysis and preparation of management ready graphs and reports using the brilliant DustComm Pro software.

HAZ-DUST IV Applications

  • Determining levels of worker respirator protection for OSHA compliance
  • Reviewing compliance programs
  • Evaluating work practices and controls of any dust-generating practice
  • Performing safety audits
  • Combine with NIOSH video exposure monitor for real-time graphical overlays
  • Monitoring welding fume exposures
  • Performing air quality studies in occupational health and industrial hygiene
  • Performing Haz-Mat air quality investigations and monitoring waste site remediation
  • All air monitoring applications involving lungdamaging particulates

Features of the HAZ-DUST IV:

  • Immediate display of particle concentration in mg/m3
    • TWA, STEL, Max, and Min
  • Miniaturized sensor mounts directly in breathing zone
  • Easily interchangeable sampling heads for true breathing zone measurements of specific fractions
    • Inhalable adapts to IOM Sampler to meet the ACGIH/ISO/CEN inhalable curve
    • Thoracic sampling head meets the ACGIH/ISO/CEN thoracic curve
    • Respirable adapts to SKC GS-3 Cyclone to meet the ACGIH/ISO/CEN respirable curve
  • Internal adjustable sample pump — 1.2 to 4 L/min
  • In-line cassette directly behind sensor for concurrent filter sampling
    • Use sample to correct data for local dust
  • User-adjustable alarm
  • User comfort
    • Small, lightweight case easily attaches at the waist
    • Miniature sensor clips in the breathing zone
  • Easily download data to a PC
  • DustComm Pro Software provides comprehensive graph reporting
  • Easy operation

HAZ-DUST IV Monitor is supplied with monitor, thoracic head, in-line filter cassette, carry case, computer cable, battery charger, HAZ-DUST Media CD with instruction manual and DustComm Pro Software

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Technical Specification

Accuracy ± 10% to filter gravimetric SAE fine test dust
Sensing Range 0.01-200 mg/m3
Particulate Size Range 0.1 to 100 μm
Precision ± 0.02 mg/m3
Calibration NIOSH Method 0600 gravimetric reference - NISTtraceable SAE fine test dust
Sample Flow Rate 1.0-3.3 L/min
Power Rechargeable NiMH Battery
Operating Time > 8 hours
Charging Time 10 to 12 hours
Data Storage 21,500 data points
Digital Output RS-232
Dimensions Case: 5.5 x 3.25 x 2.75 in (14 x 8.3 x 7 cm)
Sensor: 1.75 x 1.5 in (4.4 x 3.8 cm)
Weight: 2 lbs (0.9 kg)

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