Air Sampling Pumps

Equipment for Air Sampling, Dust Sampling and Vapour Sampling

Under the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations 2002, it is often imperative to monitor for certain substances or conditions in real time. If present, it's vital that hazardous substances are detected because inhalation can be toxic at very low levels for certain substances.

The Sampling Equipment found below supply a simple and effective way of checking these hazards.

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  1. Haz-Dust I Particulate Monitor

    SKC HAZ-DUST 1 Real-time Particulate Monitor


    The SKC HAZ-Dust 1 Real-Time Particulate Monitor helps you eliminate the repetitious, costly and time consuming gravimetric air sampling procedures that were once necessary for all types of sampling.

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  2. EPAM-5000



    This is the SKC HAZ-Dust EPAM 5000 which is a portable environmental Particulate Monitor, providing real-time readings and data recordings.

    Interchangeable size-selective impactors are available for PM10, PM2.5, PM1.0, or TSP. The EPAM-5000 is dedicated for ambient, environmental, and indoor air quality investigations. Learn More
  3. HAZ-DUST IV Personal Dust and Aerosol Monitor

    SKC HAZ-DUST IV Personal Dust Monitor


    The HAZ-DUST IV is a personal real-time monitor which is ideally suited to industrial hygiene and environmental air investigations.

    It provides real-time breathing zone measurements of dust and aerosol.

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  4. Pocket Pump Low Flow Meter Kit

    SKC Pocket Pump

    This product is the SKC Pocket Pump and it is a small, lightweight, smart and software driven pump. It has been designed to fulfil the requirements when completing low flow sampling for gases and vapours.

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  5. Sidekick Pump Kit

    SKC Sidekick Pump Kit for Dust and Vapour


    This is the SKC Sidekick Pump designated for Dust and Vapour monitoring, and is one of the most popular sampling pumps in industry. It is a precision sampling multi-function pump perfect for both high flow and low flow sampling.

    The SKC is a favourite within industrial settings due it's reliability and simplicity of use, and you can be sure of it's longevity due to it's robust design and build.

    Contents of each kit can be found in the 'What's In The Box' tab below

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  6. Sidekick Pump Kit

    SKC Sidekick Pump Kit for Vapour


    SKC Sidekick Pump for Vapour is one of the most popular sampling pump meters around.

    It is a precision sampling multi-function pump for high and low sampling. This product is highly reliable and simple to use because it has been built to withstand the toughest of environments.
    Contents of each kit is in the 'What's In The Box' tab below Learn More

  7. SPLIT2 Real-Time Personal or Area Dust Monitor

    SKC SPLIT2 Personal or Area Dust Monitor


    SKC SPLIT 2 Personal or Area Dust Monitor

    The SPLIT 2 is designed for personal or area monitoring for inhalable or respirable dust. This passive dust monitor that can become an active monitor/sampler by combining it with a 2 L/min sample pump and, IOM sampling head or GS-3 Cyclone, for concurrent real-time dust monitoring and gravimetric dust sampling. Learn More

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