Complete Dust and Vapour Air Sampling Kit - Sidekick and Calibrators


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This Air Sampling Kit combines everything you'll ever need to carry out personal Dust and Vapour Air Sampling, including all of the calibration requirements. Due to the Sidekick's suitability for many applications, and the low cost and compliant Chek-Mate and Bubble Film Calibrators, we've pulled together these popular instruments to simplify your Air Sampling needs.


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SKC Sidekick and Bubble Film Flowmeter
Sidekick Pump Kit Sidekick Constant Flow Pump SKC Sidekick Pump for Dust and Vapour SKC Sidekick and Bubble Film Flowmeter SKC Sidekick Bubble Film Flowmeter Bubble Film Flowmeter and SKC Sidekick

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Brand SKC
Flowrate (ml/min) 5
Maximum Flowrate (ml/min) 3,000
Application Dust Sampling, Vapour Sampling
Features ATEX
Available Outside the UK? No

Sidekick Deluxe

The Sidekick is one of the most popular sampling pump meters around. It is a precision sampling multi-function pump for high and low sampling. This product is highly reliable and simple to use because it has been built to withstand the toughest of environments. This Kit comes with the Deluxe Sidekick, with ATEX Approval and Timers meaning it's suitable for use in Hazardous Environments. A snap-shut case controls the Sidekick so the unit cannot be accidentally shut off whilst it is in use.


  • Flow Range 5 – 3000 ml/min
  • Low Flow Capabilities
  • Multi Tube Sampling in Low Flow
  • Built in Particle Trap
  • Built in Dampener
  • High Accuracy Clock
  • Light Weight
  • Simple to Use
  • Manually Adjustable
  • Robust Case
  • Battery or Mains Operated

The Sidekick has a flow range of 5-3000 millilitres per minute. Additionally a CPC and a low flow adapter provide the option to sample gases and vapours for up to 500 millilitres per minute. Supporting multi-tube sampling at the same time from one pump all at different flow rates is an advantage of this system. The Sidekick is a popular choice because it has the ability to sample for different hazards without needing more than one pump. As the controls are under a "snap down" cover it prevents accidental operation, therefore it has been proven to be a winner with safety managers and hygienists.

Please Note: due to the large number of filter mediums available these are not supplied in the kits. These are available separately or from your chosen Laboratory. 

Bubble Film Flowmeter

This product is the Bubble Film Flowmeter and it checks the operation of air sampling equipment and it allows for simple and easy operation. You can calculate the flow rates if you attach a sampling pump to the top of a volumetric glass tube which contains liquid soap. When the pump is drawing in air through the tube the soap bubble will move from one marked point to the next one. You can then calculate the flow rate by the time of travel which is measured by a stopwatch. This kit is supplied with all the equipment which is required, except the stopwatch, for calibrating low flow personal sample pumps.


The SKC chek-mate Flowmeter is our easy to use differential pressure flowmeter for calibrating air flow sample pumps at flow ranges between 0.75 and 5.0 L/min. The chek-mate meets the accuracy requirements of MDHS 14/4.

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Technical Specification

Standards RFI and EMC shielded to EN 55022 & EN 50082-1
Operating Range 5-3000 ml/min (5-500 requires adaptor)
Weight 510g
Dimensions 76 x 126 x 44 mm
Flow Control +5% Set Point Constant Flow
Run Time 8 hours minimum at 2500-3000 ml/min and 15" water
Operating Temperature -20°C to +40°C
Storage Temperature -20°C to +40°C
Operating Humidity 0 to 95% relative
Compensation Range 1000ml/min 5-25" water back pressure
2000ml/min 0-25" water back pressure
2500ml/min 0-20" water back pressure
3000ml/min 0-15" water back pressure
Battery Pack Plug in Rechargeable NiCad, 2.0 Ah, 4.8 Volts DC a

What's in the Box

224-52MTXKC - Sidekick Deluxe Single Pump Dust and Vapour Kit:

Sidekick Deluxe pump with timer and NiMH battery pack ATEX Approved, and Single charger, screwdriver set, Step by Step Guide, All-in-One Adjustable Tube Holder, protective tube covers, tube breaker, 1 m length Tygon tubing, IOM Foams, IOM Multidust sampler, 5 IOM Multidust cassettes, calidaptor and operating manuals in a carry case

303-SKC Bubble Film Flowmeter Kit:

  • 100-ml buret flowmeter

  • Operating instructions

  • Flow charts for flow rate calculations

  • Carry case

375-07550 - SKC Chek-Mate Flowmeter

Model Comparison

Sidekick Models Include:
  • Sidekick Standard Sample Pump
  • Sidekick ATEX Approved Intermediate Pump
  • Sidekick ATEX Approved Deluxe Pump with Elapsed Timer
Each Sidekick Model comes with the following variations:
  • Sidekick Pump Only
  • Sidekick Pump Basic Kit
  • Sidekick Pump Kit for Dust/Particulates
  • Sidekick Pump Kit for Gas/Vapour
  • Sidekick Pump Kit Combined Dust/Particulates and Gas/Vapour
Each Kit is available with a Single Pump or Five Pumps.

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