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This Vibration Meter is perfect for taking vibration measurements on hand power tools.

This Hand Arm Vibration Meter, the Castle Vexo H, was designed to conduct highly accurate Hand Arm Vibration measurements of your tools and machinery, helping you to comply with The Control of Vibration at Work Regulations (2005).

This is the ideal piece of equipment for Health and Safety Managers to assess vibration exposure in the workplace, giving accurate vibration magnitude measurements of your own tools being used by your own employees.

It's supplied with a simple to attach tri-axial accelerometer with which simultaneous X, Y and Z readings are taken and displayed on the screen in real time. Measurements can be taken in M/S2 or in G, and results are given for Aeq, Peak and Vector Sum. Measured data is also calculated into the HSE's easy to use colour coded points system, and also displays the Exposure Action Value (EAV) and Exposure Limit Value (ELV) times.


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Brand Castle Group
Measurement Hand Arm Vibration
Available Outside the UK? Yes

Vexo H Hand Arm Vibration Meter

This vibration meter is ideal for taking vibration measurements of power tools for the assessment of hand arm vibration

Designed by Castle Group Ltd, one of the world's leading organisations in the monitoring of Vibration in the workplace, this fully comliant vibration meter for Hand Arm Vibration was designed around The Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005.

Castle Group Ltd have been manufacturing vibration measuring equipment for over twenty years, and this particular model is the latest in a long line of successful products. The Vexo H is the most popular vibration meter for assessing tool vibration levels in the UK.

Measuring your own power tools whilst they operate on your site in the processes that your employees use them in is the most accurate way of determining vibration exposure levels. The Vexo H Vibration Meter was designed to enable you to take these vibration measurements in a simple, straightforward and time efficient manner. Measuring tools is simple:

  1. Attach the supplied tri-axial accelerometer to the surface of the power tool use either cable ties or jubilee clips.
  2. Press OK to start recording
  3. Either download recorded data to the optional VibDataPRO software for further analysis OR view the readings from the colour screen of the Vexo
  4. Optional - Clearly label your power tools with our Vibration Tool Tag and Attachment Package

It's Easy to Take Vibration Measurements with this Hand Arm Vibration Meter, the Castle Vexo H

Measurements can be taken in M/S2 or in G, and results are given for Aeq, Peak and Vector Sum. Measured data is also calculated into the HSE's easy to use colour coded points system, and also displays the Exposure Action Value (EAV) and Exposure Limit Value (ELV) times.

Features of the Vexo H - Hand Arm Vibration Meter:

  • Tri-axial vibration meter
  • Fully compliant with ISO 8041 : 2005
  • Large dynamic range
  • Re-chargeable battery pack and charger
  • Large 'Flash' memory
  • Rugged accelerometer and cable
  • Large colour display
  • Only 3 operational buttons for simple use

Taking Vibration Measurements for the Regulations

It's very important to consider that to defend personal injury claims in a court of law, only measure readings are considered to be evidence in your defence.

This best selling Hand Arm Vibration Meter, the Castle Vexo H, enables you to easily measure the vibration levels of the handheld power tools that your employees use, ensuring that your employees aren't over exposed to vibration levels over and above the Action and Limit Values stated in The Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005.

Once a measurement has been taken, this Hand Arm Vibration Meter, the Castle Vexo, will display an extremely accurate vibration magnitude level.

This vibration level can be calculated with the exposure time (actual exposure times can be found with a tool timer) into HSE Exposure Points - the HSE's guideline method of monitoring vibration exposure in the workplace. More information can be found on HSE Exposure Points - click here.

This Hand Arm Vibration Meter was designed to be nothing but easy to use, giving you the ability to measure large numbers of different hand held power tools in a day, whilst ensuring highly accurate results. Recorded Data is logged in the internal memory of the instrument, ready to be downloaded to the included free software, VibDATA Vibration Analysis Software. Data can also be viewed on screen for immediate use.

Built and supplied with long life rechargeable batteries, an additional pack can be purchased to ensure this Hand Arm Vibration Meter can be ready to use whenever you need it. Designed with a rugged and impact resistant body, you can be confident that your new investment will stand the test of time.
This Vexo H Hand Arm Vibration Meter and all it's accessories is supplied in an Attache Carry Case.

Start effectively measuring vibration exposure with the Castle Vexo H Hand Arm Vibration Meter to ensure HAVS doesn't become a problem with in workforce.

Technical Specification

Instrument Standards ISO 8041 : 2005 Human Response to Vibration
For compliance with:
ISO 5349 : 2001 Measurement and evaluation of human exposure to hand-transmitted vibration
Range (Integration = Acceleration) Low: 0.05 - 200.0m/s-2 / 0.005 - 20.4g
High: 0.50 - 2000.0m/s-2 / 0.05 - 204.0g
Measurement Channels One
Parameters Acceleration: Arms, Aeq, Amax, Peak, Vector Sum, HSE Exposure Points, EAV and ELV
Linear Operating Range 72dB
Frequency Weighting WH - Hand Arm Filter
Memory Flash memory storing up to 992 recordings
Transducer Castle KD1010, 10mV/g
Noise Floor <0.002 m/s-2 - Low Range
<0.020 m/s-2 - High Range
Display Full Colour Graphic OLED Display (160 x 128)
Batteries NiMH re-chargeable cell pack
Typically 10 hours continuous use
Connections Input: 3.5mm Stereo Jack Socket
AC Output: 4 Pole 3.5mm Jack Socket
Download: USB Micro B (Cable Supplied)
Recharge: DC Socket (Charger & Cable Supplied)
Languages English UK, English US, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese Brazilian, Russian, Spanish
Temperature Operating Range -10 to + 50ºC
Humidity Up to 90% RH Non Condensing
Electromagnetic Compatibility Designed in accordance with the following Electromagnetic Compatibility Directives:
SI 2005/281
Case High Impact ABS plastic with tactile membrane keypad
5.0 out of 5 from 1 review
  1. The Vexo itself is just so easy to use

    By on 26th August 2015

    5.0 out of 5
    Following a number of online enquiries I chose Castle Training Academy to provide me with Human Vibration training. The manner in which Castle presented themselves and the whole structure of the course was great.
    Upon completion of the training I then had a requirement to purchase a Hand Arm Vibration meter to measure the vibration levels of our tools as part of our vibration risk assessments. I was already aware of and familiar with the Castle Vexo meter as we had used it during the practical sessions on the course.

    When the order was placed, I asked if could pick up my order in person and if it would also be possible for somebody to quickly run through it with me, to which Castle happily agreed.

    I was very impressed with the run through of the product that Castle gave, assisting me until I felt confident enough to go and take my own measurements. The Vexo itself is just so easy to use. Operating the meter and the VibDataPro software is so logical that at first I thought I must be missing something!

    My after sales support has been excellent, and I have spoken to Castle on the telephone a few times for different reasons, not only about the product but also for general measurement advice which they were more than happy to assist with.

    I would definitely consider Castle for any requirements I may have in the future.


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