Loner M6 Two-Way Communication


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The new Loner M6 is a revolutionary market leading product aimed at ensuring employee safety in the workplace. With cleverly advanced GPS positioning and a suite of fully functional alarms, incidents can be acknowledged and the necessary help provided in the fastest possible time.

Now with Two-Way Voice Calling - meeting BS8484 which is desired by Public Sector organisations in the UK

Self Monitored Plans are self managed; with instant automatic Emails, SMS messages, and Web Portal Alerts

Blackline 24/7 Monitored Plans include all of the above, with the addition of Blackline's 24/7 Alarm Call Centre Monitoring


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Brand Blackline Safety
Features Blue Light Acknowledgement, Emergency Alarm, Man Down/Fall Detection Alarm, No Motion Alarm, Silent Alarm, Two-Way Voice Calling
Available Outside the UK? No

Loner M6 Two-Way Communication

Operating in uncontrolled working environments can be inevitable, but compromising your employee's safety is no longer an issue with a Loner M6.

Designed to raise the alarm in all manners of situations and environments, the Loner M6 System ensures that lone workers are never truly alone.The Loner M6 is a revolutionary lone worker alarm already well established as a market leading Lone Working Safety solution in Canada and the US. The device comes with a web-based portal, meaning no software has to be downloaded, which can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection. The Loner system is so customisable that it can accommodate even the most unique of organisation structures. Featuring internal accelerometers and gyroscopes, trips and falls trigger a Man Down alarm, in addition to a No Motion alarm if the worker becomes motionless. In addition to these there is also an Emergency Alarm, which is sounded by pulling a clever emergency latch negating the majority of false alarms. As well as a Silent Alarm, designed for hostile environments when the worker would like to mask that help is on it's way.

Loner M6 Features:

  • Two-Way Voice Calling
  • Blue Light Acknowledgement
  • Emergency Latch Alarm
  • Fall Detection
  • Silent Alarm
  • Man Down Alarm
  • No Motion Alarm
  • Extensive Network Coverage
  • Accurate GPS Positioning

Benefits of the Loner M6:

  • Know instantly when an incident has occurred
  • Reduce emergency response time
  • Deliver emergency aid to your employee's precise location
  • Configure to your organisational requirements
  • Easy safety monitoring integration with your organisation
  • Reduce corporate liability risk Hassle free, effective monitoring
  • Save money whilst achieving regulatory compliance
  • Customisable location scheduling prevents employees feeling intruded
  • Avoids costly false alarms
  • Optional tracking of employee locations

Service Contracts:

Self Monitored Plans are self managed; with instant automatic Emails, SMS messages, and Web Portal Alerts Blackline 24/7 Monitored Plans include all of the above, with the addition of Blackline's 24/7 Alarm Call Centre Monitoring.

Loner Case Study

Click here to read a Case Study of the Loner in action for Glatfelters Lydney Site


Technical Specification

Size 63mm x 107mm x 22mm (2.48” x 4.213” x 0.87”)
Weight 137g (4.8oz)
Safety Monitoring Features Fall detection technology: Tri-axis accelerometer, tri-axis gyro, software processing
Emergency latch: Pull latch to trigger alert | Silent emergency: Press & hold check-in button to trigger alert | Worker motion monitoring: Configurable time window (1–30 min, or off) | Worker check-in: Required check-in period (5–180 min, or off)
Voice calling: Two-way and one-way (listen-only) phone calling (requires a voice-enabled service plan)
Buttons and Indicator Lights Power button: Power on/off
Check-in button: Check-in/silent emergency
Emergency latch: Send emergency alert
Red indicator light array plus vibration and beeper: Safety alert triggered
Blue indicator light array plus vibration and beeper: Incoming voice call
Blue indicator light: Alert has been acknowledged in the portal
Green SureSafe light: Blinking (powered), continuous (connected)
User Notification Indicators: Speakers, LEDs and Vibration Monitor
Speaker Sound Pressure Level – 90dB @10cm (-90dB @3.94”)
Voice Calling: Speakerphone and Phone Modes
Wireless Communication Radio: Dual-Band 3G (1900, 850MHz)
Antenna: Internal Dual Band
Bidirectional Communication: Yes (Firmware Upgrade over-the-air (FOTA): yes
Location Technology GPS Radio: 48 Channel high sensitivity, mobile assisted
Remotely Assisted GPS: Yes
GPS Accuracy: -5m (16ft) Outdoors (GPS Real-Time Location Turnaround Time: -20 seconds
Loner Beacon Compatible: Yes
Alert Messages Fall Detected/ Emergency Latch/ Silent Emergency/ No Motion/ Missed Check-In/ Voice Call Alert/ Low Battery
Power Off
Power Rechargeable Li-ion Battery: 1200mAh Li-ion
Charging Connector: 4-pin sealed connection
Battery Life 20 hours continuous operation at 20C (68F)
Storage Temperature -30C to 75C (-22F to 167F)
Operating Temperature -20C to 55C (-4F to 131F)
Charging Temperature 0C to 45C (32F to 113F)
Ingress Protection Designed to meet IP65
Approvals FCC Part 15 Subpart B, FCC ID: XPYSARAU260, Industry Canada 8595A-SARAU260
Designed to meet BS 8484
Device Requirements Blackline Safety Service Plan
3G Wireless Communication Coverage
GPS Signal Coverage Required for GPS Locating
Loner Beacon signals for Precise Indoor Positioning
Warranty One Year Limited Factory Warranty
5.0 out of 5 from 2 reviews
  1. We really like the simplicity of the system

    By on 15th March 2016

    5.0 out of 5
    I found out about the Lone Worker System from a colleague who was attending a training course with Castle where it had been mentioned during the course introductions. We were in the process of evaluating other Lone Worker systems so the timing was good for us. We had concerns about the system working in some of our situations due to very poor mobile coverage so were invited to trial the system. Following a successful trial we went on to purchased 10 units and have rolled them out to our Lone workers. We really like the simplicity of the system with the web based portal controlling the setup and monitoring of the individual units. Dealing with Castle is a pleasure and their support is first class.“

  3. Risk has been controlled

    By on 15th March 2016

    5.0 out of 5
    Having purchased the Loner SMD for a number of our employees / lone workers I believe a risk has been controlled, this link and the added safety security the device gives should something go wrong is a true benefit and one less worry


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