dBAir Sound Meter

The Castle dBAir Sound Level Meter and Noise Monitoring Systems

The dBAir Sound Level Meter is a handheld instrument, designed to perform a wide range of demaning noise measurements for environmental and safety applications. It's easy to use, making your job of measuring noise as easy as possible. Supplied with secure Cloud software, log on via any internet browser and have access to power analysis tools within no time at all. Alternatively, all of your data is available to download from the dBAir as a .csv file, giving you complete functionality with your readings.

Key Features:

  • Audio Recording
  • 1/1 and 1/3 Octave Band Analysis
  • Multi Language
  • Wifi Data Transfer - Upload your measurements wirelessly

dBAir Noise Monitoring Systems

The dBAir Sound Level Meter can also be supplied in a selection of weatherproof systems, which provide solutions for a wide variety of environmental noise monitoring applications.

Key Applications:

  • BS 4142 Assessments
  • Conustruction Noise
  • Site Boundary Noise Monitoring
  • Short and Long Term Noise Monitoring
  • Tonal Noise Assessments to 1/3 Octave

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  1. dBAir Sound Meter

    Environmental Class 1 Sound Meter - dBAir


    Environmental Class 1 Sound Meter - Castle dBAir

    This new environmental sound meter has been designed for a single purpose, to enable the user to carry out simple and effective noise assessments for environmental noise.

    This environmental sound meter comes supplied with predefined measurement templates, giving you the assurance that you're measuring the correct parameters for each of your specific assessments.

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  2. dBAir Safety and Environment Sound Level Meter

    dBAir Safety & Environment Sound Level Meter


    For professionals looking for sound measurement technology capable of a wide variety of applications, look no further than the dBAir Safety & Environment model.

    The Castle dBAir works wirelessly with The Castle Cloud software. Buy the dBAir Sound Meter in a system and get 3 years Castle Cloud software free

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