Castle GA601 Single Level Class 2 Sound Meter Calibrator


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The Castle GA601 produces a calibration tone of 1000Hz at a level of 94dB re 20µPa at the microphone. The GA601 Acoustic Calibrator comes with a 12 Month Manufacturers Calibration Certificate, however if you require Calibration results this can be added below.


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GA601 Single Level Calibrator
GA601 Single Level Calibrator Noise Meter Acoustic Calibrator

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Brand Castle Group
Application Field Calibration
Class Class 2
Available Outside the UK? Yes

GA601 Acoustic Calibrator - Single Level

Most Measurement codes of practice and good practice demand that an independent acoustic calibration of any sound level meter should be made before and after a series of measurements and the Castle GA601 provides just that facility. It produces a calibration tone of 1000Hz at a level of 94dB re 20μPa at the microphone. It is supplied with a ½” cavity.

Using the GA601 Acoustic Calibrator

To operate the GA601, simply switch the return switch to the right hand side. The switch will then return to the centre and the GA601 Acoustic Calibrator will product a tone of 94dB at 1000Hz for 60 seconds, after which it will automatically switch off.

Technical Specification

Applicable Standards IEC60942:2003 Sound Calibrators, Class 2/C
Output 94dB relative to 20µPa
Nominal Sound Pressure level at 101.3kPa (760mm Hg) 23° & 50%RH
Tolerance ± 0.3dB
Harmonic Distortion < 3%
Temperature Range -10°C to 50°C
Batteries 2 x 3V CR2032 (coin cell)
Life: Approx. 70 Hours
Dimensions Cavity Diameter: 1/2" microphone standard
Length: 140mm
Diameter: 51mm
Weight: 230g

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