Environmental Noise Monitors

Noise Monitoring Equipment for Environmental Noise Assessments

Noise is one of the most complained about aspects of the environment, as not only does it have the potential to affect quality of life, it can also be difficult to monitor and therefore control. This type of noise is generally called environmental noise. There are many man-made sources of environmental noise, such as wind turbines, industrial sites, roads and traffic etc. If you are looking for equipment to measure noise in the workplace, look at sound level meters.

We provide a wide range of instruments and equipment designed to monitor many of these types of noise, whether you are the complainant or the complainee. This equipment includes noise level meters, warning signs and recording devices to cover noise pollution and monitor noise levels. In this category you'll find a comprehensive selection of Environmental Noise Monitors designed specifically to make simple and accurate measurements to help comply with the Environmental Noise (England) Regulations 2006. Read our article which explains the different types of Environmental Noise Monitoring Equipment.

Noise Monitoring Equipment

Castle Group Ltd manufacture and provide a wide range of noise monitors, covering all aspects of noise monitoring across a different industries and applications. 

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  1. SV 971 Sound Meter System - Svantek

    SV 971 Sound Meter System - Svantek


    The SV 971 Sound Level Meter is a hand held and rugged instrument with 1/1 and 1/3 octave band analysis, providing surprisingly powerful operation in such a small device.

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  2. Class 1 Sound Meter with Outdoor Weatherproof Monitoring System

    BS4142 Noise Assessment Kit - NK007C1


    This BS4142 Noise Assessment System enables you to take outdoor sound measurements for long periods, whatever the weather conditions. Coming with a standard 140 hour battery, there's also an additional optional power supply enabling over 40 days of running time with the Castle Weatherproof Power Source.

    Optional upgrades are also available such as Audio Recording Events and Octave Band Analysis up to 1/3 Octaves.

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  3. Class 1 Sound Meter with Outdoor Weatherproof Monitoring System

    SVAN 971 Environmental Weatherproof System with Occupational Noise features


    The SV 971 is the perfect solution for environmental noise measurements, it's Class One microphone means it is more than capable of achieving quality readings to meet the environmental noise standards. If you require a long term measurement then you can extend the battery life with our Castle Weatherproof Power Source

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  4. dBAir Sound Meter

    Environmental Class 1 Sound Meter - dBAir


    Environmental Class 1 Sound Meter - Castle dBAir

    This new environmental sound meter has been designed for a single purpose, to enable the user to carry out simple and effective noise assessments for environmental noise.

    This environmental sound meter comes supplied with predefined measurement templates, giving you the assurance that you're measuring the correct parameters for each of your specific assessments.

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  5. dBAir Long Term Noise Monitor with Back-up Battery

    dBAir Long Term Noise Monitor with Back-up Battery


    Outdoor noise monitoring for more than a week requires better weatherproofing (especially in the UK!). For that reason, the dBAir Long Term Noise Monitor provides a weatherproof microphone enclosure with de-humidifier, protecting your microphone for long durations.

    This noise monitor is powered by an external source, such as mains power or solar power, and is supplied with a 48 hour back up battery in case of power disruption.

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  6. dBAir Noise Monitor

    dBAir Octave Band Noise Monitor - for Weatherproof Environmental Measurements


    This dBAir Octave Band Noise Monitor has been designed to provide the user with all of the equipment required to carry out weatherproof environmental noise measurements.

    This noise monitor isupplied with a weatherproof casing, tripod and microphone windshield as well as all of the cables and accessories required.

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  7. Svan 977 Sound and Vibration Analyser

    Svan 977 Sound and Vibration Analyser


    The Svan 977 is a high end piece of equipment in the sound and vibration industry, it is a type 1 instrument that meets the environmental monitoring of occupational heath and safety monitoring standards. It has extremely new and high tech hardware which allows the measurement of ultra sound frequencies in the 40kHz band.

    The SVAN 977 can provide broadband results and all the standard weighting filters and also offers a time history logging capability providing broadband results and spectra with adjustable double (long and short) logging steps.

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  8. dBAir Environmental Assessment System

    dBAir Handheld Environmental Assessment System


    If you are looking to take handheld outdoor noise measurements, this Class 1 Castle dBAir Environmental Assessment System is the system for you.

    The Castle dBAir works wirelessly with The Castle Cloud software and it's FREE to use! Make your account today at www.TheCastleCloud.com. All dBAir Systems come with a 3 Year Pro licence.

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  9. dBAir Consultancy System

    Noise Consultants Assessment System with 1/1 & 1/3 Octaves


    This Noise Assessment System can be configured to your exact requirements, making it the ideal product for Noise Consultants who perform a wide variety of noise assessments for industrial and environmental noise.

    This noise assessment system is provided with a Class 1 Acoustic Calibrator, Attache Carry Case, Sound Meter rubber case and Cloud Software.

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  10. BS4142 Assessment System

    BS4142:2014 Noise Assessment System - dBAir


    The new version of BS4142, published in 2014 has a number of specific requirements for a sound Level meter including statistical parameters, the ability to measure overnight if required and weather monitoring. The Castle dBAir system shown here has the functionality to handle BS4142 assessments and the optional weather monitoring station will provide the required parameters to ensure compliant reports.

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