Environmental Noise Monitors

Noise Monitoring Equipment for Environmental Noise Assessments

Noise is one of the most complained about aspects of the environment, as not only does it have the potential to affect quality of life, it can also be difficult to monitor and therefore control. This type of noise is generally called environmental noise. There are many man-made sources of environmental noise, such as wind turbines, industrial sites, roads and traffic etc. If you are looking for equipment to measure noise in the workplace, look at sound level meters.

We provide a wide range of instruments and equipment designed to monitor many of these types of noise, whether you are the complainant or the complainee. This equipment includes noise level meters, warning signs and recording devices to cover noise pollution and monitor noise levels. In this category you'll find a comprehensive selection of Environmental Noise Monitors designed specifically to make simple and accurate measurements to help comply with the Environmental Noise (England) Regulations 2006. Read our article which explains the different types of Environmental Noise Monitoring Equipment.

Noise Monitoring Equipment

Castle Group Ltd manufacture and provide a wide range of noise monitors, covering all aspects of noise monitoring across a different industries and applications. 

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  1. NK021 Workplace and Environmental Sound Meter Kit

    NK021 - Class 1 Integrating Sound Level Meter System


    This NK021 system includes a class 1 integrating sound level meter, class 1 acoustic calibrator, protective microphone windshield and is supplied in a hard wearing kit case.

    This is a great value and simple package for carrying out noise at work assessments, checking noise levels and performing personal noise exposure levels. 

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  2. NK002 Risk Assessment System

    Sound Level Assessment System

    Ideally equipped for carrying out Noise at Work risk assessments, as well as the majority of environmental survey work the Risk Assessment System comes with a choice of Class 1 or Class 2 logging sound meter, calibrator, case and PC download software. Learn More
  3. NK001 Logging Sonus Sound Meter System

    Safety and Environmental Logging Sound Meter System

    The simple data logging package for running and analysing noise assessments and checking noise levels. Kit comes with Class 1 sound meter for workplace safety and environmental noise checks and calibrator in a case. Learn More
  4. SV 971 Sound Meter System - Svantek

    SV 971 Sound Meter System - Svantek


    The SV 971 Sound Level Meter is a hand held and rugged instrument with 1/1 and 1/3 octave band analysis, providing surprisingly powerful operation in such a small device.

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  5. Castle Sonus GA116L - Data Logging Class 1 Sound Level Meter

    Castle Sonus GA116L - Data Logging Class 1 Sound Level Meter


    This Castle Sonus Data Logging Sound Level Meter provides you with a cost effective solution to making noise measurements for Noise at Work and Environmental Noise Assessments.

    It's fully compliant to IEC61672-1-2013 for Sound Level Meters, and also meets the requirements to be used in BS 4142:2014 assessments, which also makies this rugged little meter a useful tool for noise consultants who offer a variety of different noise monitoring services.

    This Castle Sonus 116L comes with dBDataLite, the free version of Castle Noise Analysis Software.

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  6. Castle Sonus GA216L Data Logging Class 2 Sound Level Meter

    Castle Sonus GA216L Data Logging Class 2 Sound Level Meter


    The Sonus GA216L Sound Level Meter is a fully compliant, integrating and data logging instrument, capable of a wide diversity of applications including Noise at Work and Environmental Noise monitoring.

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  7. Sound Pressure Level Meter - Castle Sonus GA116E

    Sound Pressure Level Meter - Castle Sonus GA116E


    The Castle Sonus GA116E Sound Pressure Level Meter is the ideal handheld instrument for all your environmental noise measurements to BS 4142:2014 standard for Rating and Assessing Industrial and Commercial Sound.

    The meter itself boasts a range of features, including full data logging capabilities with PC software, a total linear measurement span of 108dB, integrating features, as well as an impressive noise floor to enable you to measure low levels of ambient noise. At such an affordable price, this credible, fully compliant, reliable and high performing environmental sound meter gives you a lot for your money.

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  8. NK121 Sound Measurement System

    Environmental Noise Measurement System with Occupational Noise Features - NK121


    This Noise Measurement System is ideally suited to managers with occupational and environmental noise monitoring responsibilities.

    If you're responsible for the safety and protection of employee's, this system provides you with everything you need to protect your workforce from over exposure to noise, as well as helping you ensure your company complies with The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005. This system also boasts a host of environmental parameters that are required for environmental applications.

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  9. Castle Ga622 Sound Meter

    Industrial and Environmental Logging Sound Level Meter


    These meters are ideally equipped for carrying out Noise at Work Risk Assessments, as well as the majority of environmental survey work. The range of parameters measured, the wide measuring capability of the meters and the ease of use, mean that this equipment is ideal for companies to run their own risk assessments. Learn More
  10. dBAir Consultancy System

    Noise Consultants Assessment System with 1/1 & 1/3 Octaves


    This Noise Assessment System can be configured to your exact requirements, making it the ideal product for Noise Consultants who perform a wide variety of noise assessments for industrial and environmental noise.

    This noise assessment system is provided with a Class 1 Acoustic Calibrator, Attache Carry Case, Sound Meter rubber case and Cloud Software.

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