SVAN 971 Environmental Weatherproof System with Occupational Noise features


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The SV 971 is the perfect solution for environmental noise measurements, it's Class One microphone means it is more than capable of achieving quality readings to meet the environmental noise standards. If you require a long term measurement then you can extend the battery life with our Castle Weatherproof Power Source

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Class 1 Sound Meter with Outdoor Weatherproof Monitoring System
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Brand Castle Group
Application Environmental Noise
Features 1/1 Octave Bands, 1/3 Octave Bands, Data Logging
Class Class 1
Weightings A, C, Z
Measurement Parameters Leq, Dose
Available Outside the UK? No

SV 971 Short Term Outdoor Noise Monitoring System

The SV 971 Short term noise monitor is capable of taking accurate noise measurements indoors and outdoors, it's lightweight and small design means it is perfect for conducting noise analysis in any location.

Features of the SV 971 Short Term Outdoor Monitoring System

  • Up to 2 weeks runtime
  • 'hot swap' for battery replacement in the field without turning off the sound meter
  • Tough, weather proof case can withstand 900Kg loads
  • External weatherproof connectors
  • Optional plug in weatherproof power supply giving a massive 40 day run time

The Weatherproof Kit is the perfect solution for taking accurate, continuous environmental noise readings over a period of time without having to worry about moving the kit and distorting some of the measurements. It's strong housing means that it is capable of being left outside without receiving any damage to the class 1 noise analyser housed inside. If you need a collection of environmental noise data then this is then kit for you, the option of a longer battery life means you can continue to take your measurements for longer than ever before! This Short Term Industrial Noise Assessment Kit includes the SV 971 Sound Meter incl. Time History Logging Class 1, the GA607 Dual Level Sound Meter Calibrator, SVAN Software, a Weatherproof case, Windshield, 4mCable and tripod. 


  • Environmental Noise (e.g. BS4142)
  • Complaint Resolution Monitoring
  • Noise for Planning
  • Construction site noise
  • Product Quality Testing
  • Audio Installations

Please note - Available in the UK Only.

Technical Specification

Standards Class 1 IEC 61672-1:2002
Weighting Filters A,B, C, Z
Time Constants Slow, Fast, Impulse
RMS Detector Digital True RMS detector with Peak detection, resolution 0.1 dB
Microphone ACO 7052E, 35 mV/Pa, prepolarised 1/2” condenser microphone
Calibration Automatic calibration @ 114 dB/1 kHz
Preamplifier Detachable
Linear Operating Range 25 dBA RMS ÷ 140 dBA Peak (in accordance to IEC 61672)
Total Dynamic Measurement Range 15 dBA RMS ÷ 140 dBA Peak (typical from noise floor to the maximum level)
Internal Noise Level less than 15 dBA RMS
Dynamic Range >110 dB
Frequency Range 10 Hz ÷ 20 kHz
Meter Mode Results SPL, Leq, SEL, Lden, Ltm3, Ltm5, LMax, LMin, LPeak plus “running Leq” up to 60 minutes.
Statistics Ln (L1-L99), complete histogram in meter mode
Data Logger Time-history logging of summary results, spectra with adjustable double logging steps down to 100 s
Audio Recording Audio events recording, trigger and continuous mode, 12 kHz sampling rate, wav format (option)
Voice Comments Audio records on demand, created before or after measurement, added to measurement file
Noise Dosemeter Results SPL, Leq, SEL, LPeak, Dose, D-8h, Lav, SEL8, PSEL, E, E-8h, TWA, ’Peak Counter’ and more exchange Rate 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (option)
1/1 Octave Analysis Real-time analysis meeting Type 1 requirements of IEC 61260, centre frequencies from 31.5 Hz to 16 kHz (option) available simultaneously with three profiles for broadband measurements (SLM), time-history (option)
1/3 Octave Analysis Real-time analysis meeting Type 1 requirements of IEC 61260, centre frequencies from 20 Hz to 20 kHz (option) available simultaneously with three profiles for broadband (option)
Ingress Protection Rating IP 65 (excluding microphone)
Input Preamplifier (60 UNS thread)
Memory MicroSD card 4 GB (removable & upgradeable)
Display Colour 96 x 96 pixels OLED type
Keyboard 8 push buttons
Communication Interfaces USB 2.0 client, RS 232 cable (optional)
Power Supply Four AAA alkaline or rechargeable NiMH batteries, operation time 16 h ÷ 24 h (depending on usage), USB interface 100 mA
Environmental Conditions Temperature from -10 oC to 50 oC, Humidity up to 95 % RH, non-condensed
Dimensions 232.5mm x 56 x 20mm (including microphone and preamplifier)
Weight Approx. 225 grams with batteries

What's in the Box

Kit Contents

  • SV 971 Sound Meter incl. Time History Logging Class 1

  • GA607 - Calibrator, Dual Level, Class 1 (includes GA690 Barometer)

  • KA021 - Weatherproof system for Mirus

  • ZL2095-04 - Weatherproof Microphone Cable for KA021 4m

  • MW403 - Weatherproof Mic Housing (Mirus)

  • KT102 - Tripod

  • SVAN Supervisor SVAN Supervisor Software for viewing and reporting data

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