Noise Activated Warning Signs

Signs within the workplace that warn of high noise levels are common place as they help ensure that employees, visitors and the public are aware and, if required, wearing ear protectors. This type of signage is ideal when noise levels are stable and consistent.

However, if there are areas within your site where noise levels vary throughout the day due to different processes and working patterns, you may feel you need a solution more effective than these static signs.

Noise Activated Warning Signs - illuminates when noise levels exceed a set amount

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  1. Sonus & Noise activated Warning System

    Noise Activated Warning Area Kit


    This is the Noise Activated Warning Area Kit which includes the GA902 Noise Warning Sign and the GA902A Noise Warning Slave Sign.

    The Slave Warning Signs are powered by the Noise Activated Warning Sign, they don't have a microphone but instead simply triggered when the main Warning Sign triggers.

    Buying this kit saves 5% off the full price of all the individual items.

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  2. Noise Activated Warning Sign - GA902

    Noise Activated Warning Sign - GA902


    According to industrial safety law, areas subject to hazardous noise must be clearly defined, and workers notifies of the danger. In many cases, the noise hazard is intermittent. The warning sign lights up when a pre-set noise level is reached to alert workers to leave the area or use hearing protection.
    When illuminated, this is a Regulation Noise Control Sign Learn More

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