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Meters for Noise Assessments in the WorkplacedBAir Sound Meter by Castle

Castle Group Ltd are a long standing leading manfacturer of noise measuring equipment, particularly Sound Level Meters for industrial noise monitoring. Our equipment is ideal for performing noise at work assessments to The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005.

With a history spanning back to 1971, our ever unique approach to problem solving helps us lead market trends. Most recently our dBAir Sound Level Meter has an all new WiFi Data Transfer as a standard feature, removing the problems and limitations of using a cable.

Meters to carry out Industrial Noise Assessments

To ensure employee's hearing is protected from excessive noise in the workplace. Excessive noise is noise that has the potential to damage their hearing. HSE states that at a minimum a Class 2 Sound Level Meter to BS EN ISO 61672-1:2003 or BS EN 60804:2001 should be used. Meters that do not meet these standards should not be used for Noise at Work measurements. Class 1 Sound Meters are a popular choice with safety professionals, as they give more accurate readings and are capable of other applications that require a higher grade.

If you're new to Noise at Work, why not read our Ultimate Guide to Noise at Work to help you get started.

Notable Levels for Noise at Work

  • Lower Action Level - LEP,d 80 dB(A) / Peak 135 dB(C)
    Hearing protection must be provided where levels are at or above 85 dB
  • Upper Action Level - LEP,d 85 dB(A) / Peak 137 dB(C)
    Employers must provide training and carry out risk assessments to employee's health where levels are at or above 80 dB
  • Exposure Limit - LEP,d 87 dB(A) / Peak 140 dB(C)
    Employees must not be exposed to levels over 87 dB, taking into account any reductions from hearing protection.

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  1. dBAir Safety and Environment Sound Level Meter

    dBAir Safety & Environment Sound Level Meter


    For professionals looking for sound measurement technology capable of a wide variety of applications, look no further than the dBAir Safety & Environment model.

    The Castle dBAir works wirelessly with The Castle Cloud software. Buy the dBAir Sound Meter in a system and get 3 years Castle Cloud software free

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  2. dBAir Safety Managers Noise at Work System

    dBAir Sound Meter System for Safety Managers


    Designed specifically for Safety Managers, the dBAir Safety Managers System comprises everything you require to carry out assessments to the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005, as well as being the ideal system for International Occupational Health Monitoring.

    The Castle dBAir works wirelessly with The Castle Cloud software and it's FREE to use! Make your account today at All dBAir Systems come with a 3 Year Pro licence.

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  3. Safety Mangers Sound Meter

    dBAir Safety Managers Noise Meter System with Octave Bands


    This Sound Level Meter System with Octave Bands is the ideal system for the professional Health and Safety Manager with occupational noise monitoring duties.

    The system provides you with an Sound Level Meter with Octave Bands (either Class 1 or Class 2), an Acoustic Calibrator, Rubber Case, Attache Protective Carry Case and Cloud Software for three years.

    This sytem will help you take full control of the occupational noise exposures to your employees in your workplace.

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  4. dBAir Safety

    Sound Level Meter for Noise at Work - dBAir Safety


    Sound Level Meter for Noise at Work - dBAir Safety

    If you're looking for a meter to perform noise measurements for noise at work assessments, look no further than the dBAir Sound Level Meter.

    Choose between Class 1 and Class 2, and optionally add 1/1 Octave Band Analysis for accurate hearing protection assessments, 

    Intuitive to use, this sound meter is supplied with a noise at work assessments template to make your job as easy as possible. This model has all the required features and parameters that a sound level meter for noise at work needs, including Leq, Lepd, Exposure Points and Octave Band Analysis.

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  5. dBAir Consultancy System

    Noise Consultants Assessment System with 1/1 & 1/3 Octaves


    This Noise Assessment System can be configured to your exact requirements, making it the ideal product for Noise Consultants who perform a wide variety of noise assessments for industrial and environmental noise.

    This noise assessment system is provided with a Class 1 Acoustic Calibrator, Attache Carry Case, Sound Meter rubber case and Cloud Software.

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  6. Castle SONIK Sound Meter

    SONIK-S Sound Level Meter for Occupational Noise


    Workplace Noise Measurements with Castle Sonik-S

    The SONIK-S helps you protect your workforce from over exposure to noise, and helps you ensure your company is complying with The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005.

    With it’s simple measurement set up and intuitive interface, the SONIK-S makes conducting occupational noise surveys simple and straightforward.

    Housed in a modern and attractive body, it has a large colour screen, easy to use interface and is fully compliant with IEC 61672-1:2013 and IEC61252:1993. Scroll down to read more.

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  7. SONIK Environmental Sound Meter from Castle

    SONIK-E Environmental Sound Meter


    SONIK-E Environmental Sound Level Meter - A Lean, Green Measuring Machine

    Ultra low sound level detection with the SONIK-E, Environmental Sound Meter. SONIK-E is the pick up and go noise meter for any environmental noise assessor. It's solid and dependable, and is our most robust sound meter yet making it perfect for your most rugged environments.

    The new Class 1 SONIK-E Environmental Sound Meter combines the latest noise measuring technology with our industry leading product development experience.

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  8. SONIK-SE Sound Meter

    SONIK-SE Sound Level Meter - For Workplace and Environmental Noise


    SONIK-SE Sound Meter - For Assessing Occupational and Environmental Noise

    The SONIK-SE is a power sound level meter which is ideal for performing occupational and environmental noise assessments for a variety of applications.

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  9. SONIK Occupational Noise Measurement System NK117

    Occupational Noise Measurement System - NK122


    This Occupational Noise Measurement System is designed to give Health and Safety Managers, or any other professional with responsibilities for managing noise in the workplace, everything they need to protect your workforce from over exposure to noise and to help you ensure your company is complying with The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005.

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  10. NK121 Sound Measurement System

    Environmental Noise Measurement System with Occupational Noise Features - NK121


    This Noise Measurement System is ideally suited to managers with occupational and environmental noise monitoring responsibilities.

    If you're responsible for the safety and protection of employee's, this system provides you with everything you need to protect your workforce from over exposure to noise, as well as helping you ensure your company complies with The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005. This system also boasts a host of environmental parameters that are required for environmental applications.

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