Noise Legislation Assessment Kit - Sound Meter and Dosemeter


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This system provides you with everything you need for noise risk assessments for noise legislation in one small package. A sound meter, dosemeter and calibrator kit featuring projected daily noise exposure from one short measurement and true peak for monitoring peak action levels.


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Noise Legislation Assessment Kit
GA216i Sound Meter Noise Legislation Assessment Kit - Sound Meter and Dosemeter Noise dosemeter Noise Legislation Assessment Kit

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Brand Castle Group
Application Noise at Work
Measurement Parameters Leq
Available Outside the UK? Yes

The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 require all employers to reduce or prevent the risks to health and safety from noise exposure at work. Noise levels must be monitored in all workplaces where there is a potential to exceed the levels set in the Regulations and steps taken to protect employees from hearing loss due to excessive noise.

The Castle Group Legislation Starter Pack gives you the chance to begin the work in adhering to the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 and make regular checks on noise levels in your workplace.

The kit contains a GA216I Integrating Sound Level Meter for noise level checks, GA257B Industrial Dosemeter to monitor employee personal exposure to noise levels and a GA612 Class 2 calibrator to check the sound meter and dosemeter before and after measuring.

The Legislation Starter Pack is the ideal introduction to cost effective noise risk assessment for smaller businesses.

  • Area noise mapping of Leq
  • Simple dosimetry with predictive results
  • Instant calibration with Easycal
  • Tough and reliable pocket sized instruments


Technical Specification

GA216i Integrating Sound Meter

Applicable Standards IEC 61672-1:2002 (Integrating, Sound Exposure and Sound Level Meters) 
IEC 60651:1979+A1+A2 (Sound Level Meters) 
IEC 60804:2000 (Integrating Function
Microphone and Preamplifier Type 7052 Pre-Polarised ½” (13.2 mm) Free-Field, Electret Condenser Microphone: 20Hz – 8KHz ± 2dB –32 dB ± 3 dB re 1V/Pa Custom pre-amplifier design Typical actuator to free-field correction factor (based on 500Hz=0) is as follows
Display Back-lit LCD panel (8x1 Characters) Alpha-Numeric display for measured results
Level Range Measuring Range: 35-140 
Linear operating range (IEC61672-1): 65dB 
3 Measurement Ranges (IEC61672-1): 35-100 55-120 - Reference Range 75-140
Noise Floor Typical ’A’ Weighting <32 dB(A) rms. 
‘C’ Weighting <38 dB(C) rms
Frequency Weighting ‘A’ and ’C’ to IEC 61672-1:2002 and IEC 60651:1979+A1+A2
Frequency Range 20 Hz - 8 kHz (including microphone) 1 Hz - 20 kHz (electrical characteristics)
Time Weighting Slow and Fast
Instrument Response Simultaneous rms. and Peak
Measurement Parameters Lp (Sound Pressure Level), Leq (Equivalent Sound Level), Lmax (maximum Level), Cpeak (Max. Peak Level), LEpd (Sound Exposure Level), LAE (Single Event Sound Exposure Level) Other Displays: Elapsed time, Overload, Battery Life
Calibration Software controlled 91.0 to 120.0 dB (1kHz) in 0.1 dB steps
Processing A to D Converter: 12-bit, 352Hz sampling Controller: 8MHz, micro-controller
Power Requirements Batteries: 1 x 6LR61 (size PP3), Life: >12 hours (alkaline batteries, continuous operation)
Dimensions 60mm (width) x 35mm (depth excluding pocket clip) x 135mm (height without microphone) or 210mm (height with microphone)
Weight 220gms (including battery)
Manuals Multi-language manuals*: French, German, Spanish and Italian

GA257B Noise Dosemeter

Standards IEC61672-1-2002 (Sound Level Meters) 
IEC61252-1993 (Personal Sound Exposure Meters) 
IEC 61672-1:2013
Linear Operating Range 70dB
Detector Characteristics RMS and Peak
Exchange Rate 3dB 
5 dB
Criterion Level 75dB 
Threshold Level -5dB 
Peak 3dB above top of selected range
Display Custom alphanumeric LCD, digit size 7mm x 5mm
Memory 4800 Data Intervals Maximum
Calibration 91.0 to 120.0dB @ 1KHz
Batteries 1 x PP3 (9V) Approximately 12 hours continuous use
Operating Temperature -10 to + 50ºC
Humidity Effect < 0.5dB from 25% to 90% RH
Vibration No Effect on Instrument
Processing A to D Converter: 12-bit, 325kHz sampling. 8MHz, micro-controller
Dimensions 60mm (width) x 35mm (depth excluding pocket clip) x 135mm (height)
Microphone Cable Length 800mm (including rubber sleeve and microphone)
Weight 220g (including battery)


  • Emissions: EC 61000-6-3, EN61326-1:2006, CISPR 22:1997 EN55022:1998, FCC Rules, Part 15 2003 Class B
  • Immunity: IEC 61000-6-2:2005, EN61326-1:2005 Levels ±4kV (Contact), ±8kV (Air)
  • Amp Mod: IEC 61000-6-2:2005, Level 10V/m

GA601 Acoustic Calibrator

Applicable Standards IEC60942:2003 Sound Calibrators, Class 2/C
Output 94dB relative to 20µPa 
Nominal Sound Pressure level at 101.3kPa (760mm Hg) 23° & 50%RH
Tolerance ± 0.3dB
Harmonic Distortion < 3%
Temperature Range -10°C to 50°C
Batteries 2 x 3V CR2032 (coin cell) 
Life: Approx. 70 Hours
Dimensions Cavity Diameter: 1/2" microphone standard 
Length: 140mm 
Diameter: 51mm 
Weight: 230g

What's in the Box

This Kit Includes:

  • GA216I - SONUS Integrating Sound Pressure Level Meter

  • GA257B - SONUS Industrial Dosemeter

  • GA612 - Class 2 Calibrator

  • KA010 - Attaché Kit Case for Easy Transport and Storag

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