NK021 - Class 1 Integrating Sound Level Meter System


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Quick Overview

This NK021 system includes a class 1 integrating sound level meter, class 1 acoustic calibrator, protective microphone windshield and is supplied in a hard wearing kit case.

This is a great value and simple package for carrying out noise at work assessments, checking noise levels and performing personal noise exposure levels. 


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NK021 Workplace and Environmental Sound Meter Kit
NK021 Workplace and Environmental Sound Meter Kit NK021 Workplace and Environmental Sound Meter Kit

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Brand Castle Group
Application Environmental Noise, Noise at Work
Features Data Logging
Weightings A, C
Measurement Parameters Leq, Lep’d (LEX)
Available Outside the UK? Yes

NK021 - Class 1 Safety and Environmental Sound Meter System

Check noise levels in the workplace, environment, pub or club. Ensure that employees and anyone near a noise source is not being subjected to noise levels above dangerous noise levels. Take regular measurements and monitor certain areas to ensure that noise control measures remain effective.

Take the opportunity now to do something to prevent hearing damage.

The Castle Group Class 1 Leq Sound Level Meter Kit contains the GA116I, an integrating Class 1 sound level meter capable of measuring sound levels, integrated sound level averages, personal sound exposure levels and dose levels using the supplied dosemeter microphone cable along with the GA607 Class 1 calibrator for daily checks on the GA116I in a handy attaché case.

What's in the Box

This Kit Includes:
  • GA116I SONUS Class 1 Pocket Integrating Sound/Lex meter
  • GA607 Calibrator, Dual Level, Class 1
  • GA690 Barometer
  • KA010 Small Attaché Kit Case
  • MK279DP1B MK79 Dosemeter Plug-in Microphone

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