Environmental Vibration

Market Leading Environmental Vibration Monitors and Seismographs

The monitoring of environmental and ground vibration is required because vibration can cause both damage to local structures and distress to nearby residents. There are many sources of environmental vibration where monitoring is required, common sources are Civil Engineering Works, Quarrying and Blasting, Construction Sites and road works.

Within these industries complaints from residential and commercial sites are common, and therefore measurements are required to ensure that a statutory nuisance doesn't exist.

Why is it important to monitor ground and environmental vibration?

  • Ensure that levels of vibration aren't causing vibration to neighbouring structures and property
  • Prevent and limit the annoyance of others by maintaining the lowest possible levels
  • Demonstrating compliance with conditions

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  1. GVM-10 Ground Vibration Monitor

    GVM-10 Ground Vibration Monitor and Seismograph


    This is the GVM-10 Ground Vibration Monitor and Seismograph, a fully compliant and straightforward vibration monitor for all of your ground and environmental monitoring applications.

    This particular ground vibration meter is designed specifically to monitor ground-borne vibration during Civil Engineering Works and for Blast Monitoring but is equally at home performing measurements for a wider range of applications.

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  2. SV258 Pro Noise and Vibration Monitor

    SV 258 Pro Sound and Vibration Monitoring Station - 3G Communication


    This is the SV 258 Pro Sound and Vibration Monitoring Station, operating the SVAN 958A Sound and Vibration Analyser with a 3G modem to transfer live readings to internet based software called SvanNet.

    This easily transportable station is perfect for a variety of applications, including the monitoring of construction, tunneling and blasting sites. The kit includes:

    • SM 258 Pro Outdoor monitoring station for SVAN 958A including 17Ah battery, SP 270 3G modem
    • SB 270 waterproof power supply
    • SC 278 Cable for SV 207B (SV 84) and SV 258
    • SV 207B Building vibration accelerometer and mounting adapter
    • SA 251 Carying case for accelerometer and accessories
    • SvanNet Web interface and connectivity support
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  3. Vibrock V9000

    Vibrock V9000 Seismograph


    The V9000 Seismograph is a portable battery operated ground vibration monitor, housed in an industrialised casing to withstand high intensity environments.
    Primary industries monitoring ground vibration include:
    The V9000 GSM - This allow the user to view real time readings and alter settings within the seismograph to suit your application. Learn More

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