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  1. 2m Extension Cable for GA2006 (Vexo)

    2m Extension Cable for GA2006 (Vexo)


    Extend the range of your Vexo H with this 2m extension cable. The cable is a very simple, plug and play item and has been tested to ensure that it does not impact your measurements. With an existing 1.5 cable on the Vexo meter means that you have a total of 3.5m so it will always be possible to stay 2m from your test subject so maintaining the social distancing guidelines will be much simpler. The cable material is even a different colour so you can easily identify where the 2m begins. Learn More
  2. Pneumatic Tool Monitor

    Pneumatic Tool Timer - Castle GA2004


    This Pneumatic Tool Timer (80 CFM) is an ideal solution for measurement of trigger times in tools and use with predictive maintenance solutions.

    A hugely popular and proven in industry product, the GA2004 Pneumatic Tool Timer is a ground-breaking product which helps companies overcome some of the problems associated with the measurement of Hand-Transmitted Vibration and the assessment of Trigger Time.

    Learn More
  3. VibA(8) Hand-Arm & Whole-Body Vibration System

    VibA(8) Hand-Arm & Whole-Body Vibration System


    This is the ultimate practical solution when it comes to quantifying the vibration level of your tools on your site. This system includes everything you need to measure for both Hand-Arm and Whole-Body Vibrations. Learn More
  4. VibA(8) Hand-Arm Vibration System

    VibA(8) Hand-Arm Vibration System


    Ultra-simple and dedicated to compliance of the Vibration at Work Regulations 2005, this is the perfect option for your Hand-Arm Vibration measurements with the added benefit of being able to add a Whole-Body Seat Pad at any time further down the line. Learn More
  5. VibA(8) Whole-Body Vibration System

    VibA(8) Whole-Body Vibration System


    This system is designed with ease of use and compliance in mind, making your Whole Body Vibration Assessments as simple as possible. Add a HAVS sensor at any point and make your assessments even easier. Learn More

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