Vibration Exposure Timers

Monitor your employee exposures with complete accuracy using a Vibration Trigger Timer

EU Directives and the UK Regulations specify specific daily exposure limits, which can be translated into the HSE's Exposure Points. Points are determined quantifying the Vibration Level of tools and the Time that operators are exposed to the vibration, named Exposure Time.

These Vibration Trigger Timers provide an accurate Exposure Time, and certain Vibration Trigger Timers can even calculate the amount of Exposure Points if the user has inputted the Vibration Level.

Occupational exposure to hazardous levels of hand arm vibration is associated with a range of adverse health outcomes. this affects workers today and long into retirement. Costs are significant to employers and workers alike. recently individual organisations have paid out in excess of £1m in single settlements.

You can now trade in your old instruments, of any manufacture, for a fantastic trade in discount

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  1. Castle Electric Wire-In Tool Timer - GA2004

    Castle Electric Wire-In Tool Timer - GA2004


    Castle electric wire-in tool timer for monitoring how long you are exposed to vibration in the workplace. This tool timer senses when an electrical current is flowing through it and begins to count time. Learn More
  2. All in One Hand Arm Vibration System

    Hand Arm Vibration System from Castle


    This is our all-in-one Hand Arm Vibration System, which brings together everything you need to comply with the Control of Vibration at Work Regulations (2005). This full system is simple to use, low cost and enables you to protect your valuable workforce from Hand Arm Vibration. .

    Learn More
  3. HAVi Durable

    HAVi Durable


    Order yourself a HAVi Durable right now, and we'll post it tonight.

    The HAVi is the simplest click-and-go solution to monitoring personal exposure to hand-arm vibration. The HAVi Durable comes housed in a heavy duty case, protecting the instrument and ensuring a long usage life. Learn More
  4. HAVi Manager complete Hand-Arm Vibration Kit

    HAVi Manager Pack


    The HAVi manager pack is the complete monitoring kit with the Hand-Arm Vibration Monitor and all the correct documentation needed to adhere with the Control of Vibration at Work Regulations (2005). Learn More
  5. HAVi Hand-Arm Vibration Monitor

    HAVi Vibration Indicator


    The HAVi Vibration Indicator is one of the UK's most popular hand arm vibration indicators for a reason. Input the vibration magnitude of the power tool in use and the HAVi will not only count exposure time, but also calculate exposure and display accrued exposure points to the operator.

    Now compatible with the HAVi Watch.

    Learn More
  6. HAVi Watch Basic Manager Pack

    HAVi Watch - Manager Packs


    The HAVi Watch is the most technologically advanced aid making HAV risk management simple for tool operators, site supervisors and management. Simple to use, versatile and accurate - it will make everybody's job easier and more straightforward. That's the HAVi Promise

    Learn More
  7. HAVi Watch

    HAVi Watch - Vibration Exposure Monitor


    The HAVi Watch forms part of a full Vibration Control System, recording the operators vibration exposure time over multiple tools throughout the day, and collating the information for analysis in the HAVi Total Software. The Vibration Magnitude Level of each tool must be inputted into each HAVi for this system to work. To accurately measure the vibration magnitude level of your tools, use the Castle Vexo.

    Learn More
  8. HAVi Watch on a saw

    HAVi Watch Data Logging System


    This Vibration Control System accurately records the vibration exposure time of an operator, over multiple tools and applications throughout the day. Once the Vibration Magnitude has been inputted into the HAVi, the data is logged and wirelessly sent to the HAVi Total Software ready for full analysis. The Vibration Magnitude Level of each tool must be inputted into each HAVi Plus for this system to work. To accurately measure the vibration magnitude level of your tools, use the Castle Vexo. With this HAVi Watch system you get:
    • 1 x HAVi Watch
    • 1 x HAVi Watch Induction Charger
    • 3 x HAVi Plus Watch Compatible Tool Timer
    • HAVi Lite - 1 Year Licence (£50 annually)
    Learn More
  9. Pneumatic Tool Monitor

    Pneumatic Tool Timer - Castle GA2004


    This Pneumatic Tool Timer (80 CFM) is an ideal solution for measurement of trigger times in tools and use with predictive maintenance solutions.

    A hugely popular and proven in industry product, the GA2004 Pneumatic Tool Timer is a ground-breaking product which helps companies overcome some of the problems associated with the measurement of Hand-Transmitted Vibration and the assessment of Trigger Time.

    Learn More
  10. VibA(8) Hand-Arm Vibration System

    VibA(8) Hand-Arm Vibration System


    Ultra-simple and dedicated to compliance of the Vibration at Work Regulations 2005, this is the perfect option for your Hand-Arm Vibration measurements with the added benefit of being able to add a Whole-Body Seat Pad at any time further down the line. Learn More
  11. VibA(8) Whole-Body Vibration System

    VibA(8) Whole-Body Vibration System


    This system is designed with ease of use and compliance in mind, making your Whole Body Vibration Assessments as simple as possible. Add a HAVS sensor at any point and make your assessments even easier. Learn More

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