Hand Arm Vibration Quiz

How much do you know about Hand Arm Vibration?

Test your knowledge with our short quiz below.

Vibration exposure to the hands from jackhammer

What is a hand dynamometer used for?

Hand Dynamometer Health Surveillance

What is the most commonly used unit for vibration measurements?

What is the name of the sensor used for measuring vibration levels?

If the vibration level of a tool is 6m/s2, what would the personal exposure be in HSE points at the start of an operator's shift?

What are the three medical components of Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome?

Vibration White Finger

The physical effects of vibration exposure to the hands

How many points would an operator accumulate after three hours working with a tool emitting 9m/s2? (you may need help from the ready reckoner for this one)

What are the units for frequency?

What are the two sections of the Stockholm scale called?

This question is referring to Whole Body Vibration. What range of frequencies of vibration affect the spine in the X and Y axis?

Name one limitation of using the vibration data provided by the manufacturer.

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