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dBadge sound level meter Perfect for measuring noise exposure round the workplace Internal memory which can be downloaded to a PC Small, compact and lightweight with rechargeable battery Dimensions: h.80mm w.47mm d.52mm Weight: 68g.

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Casella CEL 350 D Badge Rental

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Brand Casella
Application Noise at Work
Weightings A, C, Z
Measurement Parameters Leq, Lep’d (LEX)
Available Outside the UK? Yes
dBadge sound level meter Perfect for measuring noise exposure round the workplace Internal memory which can be downloaded to a PC Small, compact and lightweight with rechargeable battery. The CEL-350 is the ideal instrument for both experienced and new users of dosimeters in the workplace as it is fully featured and able to satisfy all current noise at work measurement protocols. There is no setup required as the instrument stores all of the results for later investigation and reporting however required. Features
  • Lightweight less than 2.4 oz
  • Small size only 2.8 in long and 1.7 in wide and 2.0 in tall
  • Quick battery recharge in less than 90 minutes from completely empty
  • Stores everything for later review
  • Calculates all the popular noise dose parameters
  • Time history profiling of 4 results at fixed 1 m intervals
  • Wide dynamic range from 65to a full 140 dB
  • Measures simultaneously 3 dB and 5 dB exchange rates
  • Lockable for security
  • Direct automatic calibration with standard acoustic calibrator with ½” cavity
  • Dimensions: h.80mm w.47mm d.52mm Weight: 68g

Technical Specification

Operating Range 65 to 140.3 dB RMS
95 to 143.3 dB Peak Freq. Weightings: RMS: "A" (and "C" on Plus version)
Peak A, C and Z (Linear)
Time Weightings Fast, Slow and Impulse Amplitude Weigtings: Q=3 and Q=5 Threshold 1: 70 to 90dB in 1dB steps
Threshold 2 70 to 90dB in 1dB steps
OSHA LAavg (Q=5)
LASmax %Dose (Q=5)
Projected %Dose
Pa2Hours Projected %Dose (Q=3)
General LAFmax
Memory Capacity 180 hours (non volatile, 10 years storage)
Default Modes OSHA and ISO
Calibration Info Dates, Times and Levels
Security Lock via Keys
Power Internal NiMH Cells
Battery Life 28 hours
Output to PC Infra-red to USB (PC) cable
Time History LAavg (Q=5)
LCPeak (not Lite version) Storead as 1 minute values
Dimensions 80 x 47 x 52mm or 3.1" x 1.8" x 2.0" (including windshield)
Weight 71g or 2.5oz (including mount)
Display Graphic LCD 96 x 26 pixels Environmental
Storage -10° to +50°C
Operation 0° to 40°C
Humidity 30 to 95% RH non-condensing


The Insight Software.

This software enables you to download noise measurements from the CEL600 series sound level meters and the dBadge range of noise dosemeters. when the measurements are once downloaded you can view them in a graphical or tabular format. These then can be allocated to a person, place or process and reports can be generated. As the Insight software works with the CEL620, 630 and dBadge (CEL350) series meters, you will only have to learn one package and only create the database for your entries once.

Instrument Configuration and Download.

Any new measurements will be immediately detected and downloaded when a meter is connected to the computer (typically via the USB port). Alongside downloading measurements, the software will also show the meter's calibration information which can be used to configure the meter's settings.

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