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Castle Group Ltd are delighted to announce their newest product – the SONIK-S and SONIK-SE Class 1 and Class 2 Sound Level Meters

Castle's SONIK Sound Meter for 2018

Building on the success of the launch of the Castle dBAir WiFi Sound Level Meter in 2016, Castle have increased their noise monitoring product range with these fully featured meters for Occupational and Environmental noise monitoring.

Castle have created two specific models:

Unlike other noise meters that are available, the SONIK Sound Meters are undoubtedly easy to use. Castle developed SONIK to make the job of conducting noise measurements simple and straightforward, whilst providing users the extensive features that customers have grown to expect from a Castle product.

Users can be confident they’re taking the correct measurements for their application by selecting one of the pre-configured templates.

Will Vernon, Marketing Manager of Castle Group Ltd, said,

“The new SONIK sound meters are expected to be a popular choice with Health, Safety and Environment Managers due to their impressive battery life of 24+ hours as well as the Cloud and PC software solutions.

Each SONIK system is provided with PC and Cloud software which both provide full noise analysis features, giving our customers more control over what they want to do with their data.

Find out more at or call 01723 584250 to find out more or to book a demonstration.

Castle SONIK Sound Level Meter



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