What is the procedure for sending an instrument back for service?

Returning instruments to Castle Group for calibration, service or repair is a simple procedure. Instruments should be returned in their original packaging, where possible, or in suitable packaging which will prevent damage.

Equipment returned for service, repair or calibration should be sent to:

Service Department
Castle Group Ltd
Salter Road
Scarborough Business Park
North Yorkshire
YO11 3UZ

When returning items such as sound level meters or vibration meters please include all parts of your kit, including calibrators, cables, cases, microphones, accelerometers, etc. Please note that calibrators are charged separately to meters during calibration.

Upon receiving your instruments Castle Group will asses their current state and raise a quotation depending on the amount of work required. If your instruments are in good condition and only require service and calibration you will be quoted according to current prices. Any repair work which is required will be included in a quote and no work will be carried out until agreed between yourself and Castle Group.

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