E-Box POWER - Environmental Noise Monitoring System

Environmental Noise Monitoring As Simple As It Can Be...

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Simplify your Environmental Noise Monitoring with the E-Box

When you need to perform unattended noise measurements that are to be left outdoors, the very last thing you need is the hassle of complicated equipment.

Castle's E-Box provides an effective and powerful Noise Monitor that's ready for you to use to its full capabilities.


The POWER version of the E-Box is designed with endurance in mind. You are able to customise your power supply and even add Solar Panels for long-term measurements, so you can rest assured this E-Box gives you the POWER you need to perform!

Software - The E-Box works with both Castle Cloud and PC Software

CastleCloud - Cloud Software

The E-Box Environmental Noise Monitoring System can be used with a computer connected to TheCastleCloud.com to ensure your data is always available and secure.

  • Starter account completely free
  • Powerful database system
  • Numerous calculators
  • Customised reporting
  • PRO Account available with increased features and storage

Find out more and create your free account by visiting TheCastleCloud.com

dBDataLite - PC Software

Having instant access to all of the data on one screen means better decision making and streamlined operation.

With all of your data on-screen, dBData allows you to manage the data files, copy out the data you want and print reports directly to hard copy.

Upgrade to dBDataPRO software for increased functionality. dBDataPRO gives the benefit of greater data manipulation, graphical views and analysis for hearing protection, dose calculation and NR curves.

Find out more by visiting dBDataPro Noise Analysis Software

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